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Maximize your connected life safety and that of your family’s by using AVG growing range of security services. These not only include always up-to-date antivirus protection but also super handy packages for a number of different purposes: your laptop’s and PC tune up, your online identity protection, essential protection for a safe online children activity… To sum up, a number of services which will keep your PC and valuable data safe and maintain a peak performance of your PC. You will be certainly pleased to have your PC running as smoothly as the first day you bought it, with the handy aid of easy-to-follow instructions to perform good cleanses and take out the most of your disk space (which is indeed tricky business sometimes). An improved use of disk space means less junk, more space for important stuff and a smoother running PC. Take advantage of their special package prices and deals and upgrade your connected life today!


Anti-Virus Guard (AVG) is a family of antivirus and internet security software for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD computing platforms, developed by AVG technologies, a publicly traded Dutch company.

AVG online security company aims to put people in control of their connected lives. More than 177 million active users count on AVG products and services every day for their protection, performance and privacy. AVG safeguards their personal information, keeps their devices running smoothly, and mitigates the worries of viruses and malware. From individuals to small and midsized businesses, AVG helps people get on with it – both personally and professionally.

AVG products portfolio has increased significantly in recent years, as people lives have become more and more connected. Being mobile, family safety and even the connected home are all examples of where AVG is looking ahead and continuing to grow.


There are a number of reasons for which you are bound to find AVG software services quite essential. Take a look at them and start considering a substantial improvement in your connected life!

Free trial option! It could happen that, despite the clear advantages that go along using AVG services, you need a longer period to make up your mind & make sure their services is exactly what you need. Never mind! AVG grants you a 40 days period during which you’ll be able to enjoy each of AVG awesome software features to solidify the grounds of your choice… but we warn you, you’ll find AVG software services quite indispensable!

Money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase you can claim a full refund within 30 days by contacting customer service.

AVG takes your privacy as a priority. They won’t share or sell any of your personal information. You can trust upon their promise to use your data to serve you better. Plus, you have the control on how they use your personal information.

Restores your PC to top speed. Remember how fast your PC used to run when you got it?  AVG not only helps getting it back there, now you can also enjoy Turbo Mode to release that extra bit of power when you need it for browsing, gaming and videos.

A smoother running PC. It’s a bit like having a doctor and cleaner permanently on hand. AVG helps find and fix the gaps and errors that cause your PC problems and clean up as they go. So you get a disk doctor, registry defrag, improvd registry cleaner and improved shortcut cleaner.

Longer battery life for your laptop or device. We’ve all been there. You’re just getting to the end of that task and your battery dies. With AVG you can stop your battery wasting power on things you don’t need so it can last longer. New AVG features include economy mode and a NEW flight mode.

More disk space! Everybody has got too much clutter on their Pc. Half the time they don’t know what it is, if it’s important and or how to delete it. AVG analyzes your PC for all that junk and shows you how to get rid of it in a few clicks. Results? A faster PC and more space for your all-important stuff. With AVG new features you get a disk space explorer, an ALL NEW disk cleaner, a NEW duplicate finder and NEW browser cleaner.

A complete and automatic performance, for your peace of mind. It’s always good when there’s one thing less to remember. AVG continually monitors your PC and lets you know the status. It even runs routine maintenance when you are away from your laptop, so it doesn’t get in the way.

Peak performane for your PC or device. Getting fast is all well and good, but not if it only does it once. AVG team is continually working in the background and constantly updates the way they tune, to help your PC run at top speed. New AVG features include an IMPROVED live optimization, IMPROVED automatic cleaning updates and automatic start-stop mode

Optimization is easier with AVG. Many of us don’t know where to get started to make our PCs run better. AVG takes away such problem with a number of straightforward recommendations and showing you how to perform them in a few clicks. With new AVG release you get full performance reports, program ratings & handy system info.


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AVG Technologies offers a comprehensive PC security suite which includes antivirus protection as well as identity theft and data protection. It comes with a tool to remove any threats that are found in your system. FREE trials of each of their software services are offered at their website, www.avg.com. Take advantage of vooucher.com gift & voucher codes for further reductions with AVG technologies!