If you have a newborn baby and are concerned about the little one’s security, babymonitorsdirect has the solution for you. Because babymonitorsdirect team is aware that every mum’s priority is her babies well being, they will only offer you the most reliable technology. Take advantage of their large range of products, including audio monitors, summer monitors, multi cameras, co sleep monitors and dozens of different accessories which will allow you a perfect control of your little angel’s safety.  So, whether you are a busy mum who has to leave for work every day or simply need to keep an eye on the cot while you pace around… get your BabyMonitorsDirect device for total peace of mind! Click here to get a coupon code!


A few years ago, like around 2009, if you wanted to see your baby from another room your options were severely limited to some clunky, ugly, featureless analogue monitors that would beam grainy grey images of your baby to the parent unit. But that has changed!! Now, most baby-security concerned parents are fully aware of the range and depth of monitoring products available from specialist baby stores. Even the most techno savvy dad or mum will find a monitor to keep a watchful eye on their little one most suitable for their daily routine. Check for their large range of options and upgrade your lifestyle today!

ABOUT BABYMONITORSDIRECT.COM is the UK’s largest specialist Baby Monitors online store. They have been supplying Baby Monitors to UK customers for many years, as well as bringing you the top baby monitor brands.

They pride themselves for providing their customers with great value products and unbiased advice, and will happily discuss your specific requirements. Here you have a quick summary of options available:

Video baby monitors.  Absolute privacy and digital tech for crystal clear sound. The upper end models will have faster frames per second (FPS), which essentially means moving images are more fluid. You can also select options such as multi-cameras, which are great for monitoring twins or for keeping an eye on children in other rooms.

Bluetooth baby monitors. Turn your mobile into a parent unit while you travel with the baby. Much easier to set up and quite more user friendly than other devices.

Internet baby monitors. Yeah, you can monitor your baby via internet using your iPad, tablet, SmartPhone, notebook or anything that will accept a 3G signal. Be sure to check with the store that the product you have selected is suitable for your equipment. A device which includes all the features of video baby monitors with the added feature of online operating.

Skype baby monitors. If you have a Skype account there are actually monitors that will work directly from your account. Keep your baby under safe control from the other side of the world!

Long range baby monitors.  A baby monitors’ effective range is reduced by walls and other daily routine obstacles. Long range monitors are usually audio only and can cover up to 2 KM range. They are great for parents with large or very old houses.


Large range of products. You should really visit website to check upon their wide selection of carefully picked baby safety products. You not only want your baby to be safe, you want the best and the most for him/her!

FREE delivery over £60. offers free delivery to all orders over £60 & shipped to mainland UK.

User friendly website. As you might expect, website is designed to give you a most satisfactory browsing experience. A category menu in the left margin of the webpage will allow you to quickly find what you are looking for. You’ll also find a number of options which enable to make a most accurate choice, such a baby monitor buying guide, reviews on every gadget and a comparative table to contrast essential features of the devices.

Your baby goes first. BabyMonitors direct team is fully aware that your want your kid safe and sound for real, for which they will only offer you most reliable devices and security gadgets. Trust your peace of mind to the expertise of their team!

An up-to-date blog with super handy tips! Keep up to date with technology and your kids’ security options through blog. Besides news on the latest tech releases in the market, you will find a number of useful tips for your baby care.


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