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Book Depository is one of UK’s largest dedicated online booksellers, offering the largest selection of titles available for dispatch within the 48 hours after you place your order. They started their walk back at 2004 with an only goal: making all books available to all. Their market policy boils down to selling “less of more” rather than “more of less”, which differentiates them from other retailers who increasingly focus only on best sellers.


Although we have mentioned quite some, there are a number of reasons which will make you feel like you’ve made the right choice by purchasing at Book Depository. Hundreds of people are doing so worldwide right now – check the live purchases map on their website!

Because they have everything available, not only best sellers. Currently, at Book Depository they are ready to ship over nine million unique titles, within 48 hours, from their dispatch center in Gloucester, UK. And this figure increases every day. Besides publishers, distributors and wholesalers, they also supply books to other retailers.

Free worldwide shipping. Book depository is an international bookseller and they ship their books absolutely free of charge, worldwide, to over 100 countries and growing. To manage this, they work with world postal authorities and other carriers.

You are trusting a great brand. Book Depository is the fastest growing bookseller in Europe, shipping to thousands of customers every day throughout the world. They have over a million customers and reputation for extremely high service levels. A large number of their customers are very loyal, placing their orders at Book Depository then and again. Place your order today to actually appreciate their service quality!

Dodo Press: they make it all possible. Of the 30 million titles ever published in the English language, only a few millions of these are in print. At Book Depository they are seeking to make available as many of these titles as possible (and working to do the same with foreign language titles). This way, they will have the largest breadth of titles available in the world. With their Dodo Press imprint they’ve republished over fifteen thousand out of print or difficult to find titles. By doing this they’ve made thousands of titles available to readers that were previously impossible to get hold of.

Committed to recycling. As a retailer of electrical goods, the Book Depository is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations relating to WEEE ensuring that they do endeavor to fulfil their environmental responsibilities at all times. The book depository will provide a free take back service on EEE to all customers who make a “like for like” purchase from the Book Depository (for example, if you buy a new e-reader, they take back your old one for recycling). Sure green-conscious customers will find this great

A safe website. Safe purchase, safe payment. At Book Depository they’ve done their best to make your safety their priority. Their website incorporates the latest in encryption technology, which means your data are totally out of reach of third parties once you enter the pay-safe area for checkout.

An awarded website. Quality choosers may be sure they are relying on a premium retailer, repeatedly awarded for their services. Direct to Consumer Bookselling Companies, Cross Border e-Retail Innovation at the e-Commerce awards for Excellence, Fast Growth Business Award for Retail Business of the Year… are just some of the awards granted to Book Depository since their foundation a few years ago.

Quick checkout. Nobody likes the excitement of choosing a book you actually want to get your hands in and then hitting a big log-in block at the checkout. The Book Depository team designed their website to really do away with that. You don’t need to log in to buy: simply, you have an option right at the end to save your details for next time. Plus, you can track your orders all the same with your order number without an account.


Take your time to browse at your own pace trough the page. Dozens of categories promise to contain quite a juicy selection. From biographies to computing, from fiction to food & drinks, from health to History & Archaeology. Whatever you field of interest is! Select the book you are interested in. Click upon the title for further details. Click the “Add to Basket” button on those books of your choice. Visit your basket before checkout. Check everything is ok. Proceed to checkout. You can either log in with your personal account – if you have one or proceed to quick checkout. Both methods are hassle-free, safe and most convenient. Enjoy your books!


At, promotions apply to listed titles only, which are subject to change. For example, if you choose to purchase a product from a multi-buy offer, but do not purchase enough products to qualify for the special discount, the product will be charged at the normal price. Note that the process of updating the website when goods have sold out at promotional price may take a few hours to update. You should take this into account when you proceed to redeem your voucher code. In the screenshot below we highlight the FREE delivery service you will enjoy wherever on earth you are!

Book Depository

With over 1,000,000 customers and impressive customer service it is no surprise why they are the UK’s number 1 devoted online book retailer. With Book Depository even books out of print are at hand reach thanks to their awesome Dodo Press Imprint service – which has made possible the reincarnation of over 15,000 titles, allowing thousands of readers to find a book which couldn’t be track down any more. Are you going to miss it? Click here to reveal your voucher code and enjoy their free worldwide delivery service today!