Bunches.co.uk promotional codes are now available! Bunches promo codes are special codes which grant the lucky holders special discounts and juicy reductions if applied in the Voucher-specific box during purchase. Bunches promo codes are the guarantee for great deals, from free premium delivery service to special discounts on certain bouquet or plant ranges or money-off deals on your total for store wide purchases. Some of them might well be outdated, but they are always worth a try, aren’t they?

BunchesHand tied wondrous bouquets, birthday-specal flowers, gift bag bouquets, high value roses, top quality flowers, balloons, hampers, Christmas hampers, House Plants… Bunches main course have always been bouquets and high value flowers, which beauty is bound to bring up smiles wherever they go. However, they are not only about flowers. With the years, they product catalog has been spreading to other sweet and special treats. From I love you balloons to special hampers, house plants and other unique special things, at Bunches.co.uk you will find everything you need to make that special occasion extra special. And not only products are great. Their long-experienced team is always there to attend any request or query you might have. A family run business since 1989, they have noticeably spread ever since, but their service is essentially the same. Whether you want to pass on your congratulations, wish someone a happy birthday or just to simply say hello. Bunches has the finest solution and several thousands of clients may state so!

About Bunches

Bunches is a family business, originally founded by Sandra and Erik in 1989. Back then, Bunches was just a small flower stall where the marriage had set up under a 3 metre by 4 metre umbrella in the Four Seansons mall in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Erik used to get up at 4am to go and buy the flowers from the local flower market in the holidays with his two sons. These two thought that getting up so early and indulging on an early morning “bacon butty” was the most exciting thing… now things have changed! After they were back Sanda would make the flowers into bouquets in their garage, where their children offered they help wrapping the flowers in sleeves or tying ribbons. And so, from their little flower stall they sold great quality bouquets, offering each bouquet with a smile and the stall was a great success. In fact, it was such a success that within just 16 weeks of trading Erik was made an offer to sell his business… which he decided to! This experience helped them discover that you could put flowers into boxes and dispatch them nationwide to customers, using Royal Mail as the transport link. He proposed this idea to the post office, who enthusiastically agreed to the idea. This way Bunches began as a flowers by post company in January 1990. To begin with, Erik and Sandra took care of all… taking the orders, making up bouquets and handing them to the postman to be delivered. in the first week of trading they received just 5 orders. However, they could see the potential, and never doubted that the factory they’d just moved into would one day be brimming with flowers and staff. It did, and to such a point that they’ve been forced to move to a new bigger factory. The initial 5 orders a week is now several thousand orders a week, with the same heart. They are all about delivering great value flowers that make their customers all over the UK happy. Like the initial flower stall… but a little bigger!

Why you should choose Bunches.co.uk

A pioneer UK flower delivery company. In 1992, two years after they beginning as a flowers by post business, Bunches expanded to all Post Offices nationwide and the direct mail side of the business began, which was such a success that the Turner marriage decided to take on more local staff to cope with the demand. During this time, Bunches also began offering chocolates with the flowers, a first in the UK flower trade! You should really take a try of their delicious fine chocolate boxes… there are different sizes which will make your special gift even sweeter!

First class FREE delivery. On their 25 years of experience, over 95% of deliveries arrive the next working day. Delivery takes from 1 to 2 working days. First Class Post Deliveries cannot be tracked. They normally dispatch flowers two days prior to the requested delivery date so they may arrive a day early. As they deliver by First Class they cannot deliver on a Sunday or Bank Holiday. For next day delivery orders must be placed before 4pm Monday-Friday and 11am Saturday.

Make a different sending house plants! Because Bunches isn’t only about flower bouquets, they also have a wide offer of indoor flowering house plants for delivery to any address in the UK. Their exotic flowering house plants are suitable to send for any occasion or just to brighten up your own home. Send exotic house plants by post with free UK delivery. They are delivered on specifically customized boxes to make sure your plant arrives in perfect condition.

A big business, employing dozens of UK local citizens. After outgrowing their original factory, the Turners moved into a purpose-built premises based in Newstead Village, Nottinghamshire. They are still there today and have just completed a £1 million extension, doubling the size of their production floor space and adding new offices. If you buy to Bunches you are supporting both a local business and a growing employer.

Posy Points Scheme to reward your purchases. Bunches wants to reward their loyal customers by offering a ‘Posy Points’ scheme which enables you to earn points with every purchase. They are the only mail order florist to offer a customer reward scheme which enables you to get a little something back every time you buy a beautiful bouquet. For example, if you buy 12 Classic Carnations for 11.99, you earn 120 Posy Points. Each Posy Point is worth 0,05, which means this order will earn you 60p. You can use them as part of your payment on next order… or save them up for bigger discounts in future purchases! Getting started with this is quite simple. You only need to be a registered customer, log in to your account, place your order and your Posy Points will be automatically added. So whilst treating that special someone to a Bunches bouquet, you also collect Posy Points to treat yourself. And the greatest thing of it all is you can redeem your Posy Points against any bouquet or Bunches product you like. You can access them any time and it’s up to you when you redeem them. We advice you to look for the bonus Posy Points products to maximize your earnings!

Green Flowers from FlorVerde. The Colombian famrs that grow their carnations are part of a voluntary code called Florverde, set up by the Colombian Flower Growers Trade Association. This unique initiative aims to improve worker’s quality of life and to ensure growers meet specific environmental standards. Florverde farms use sustainable resources, aiming to reduce water consumption and air emissions. They also use organic fertilization methods and dispose of their waste using environmentally sound methods. None of their Colombian partners hire workers under the age of 18 and they are paid 20% more than the minimum wage.

Fair flowers. Bunches only works with producers and suppliers which are part of the Fair Flowers and Fair Plants initiative. The FFP monitors ethical standards throughout the flower production cycle, reducing the impact on the environment and providing good working conditions. A large number of organizations within the flower industry, human rights groups and trade unions also support the FFP label.

Stylish packaging, but recyclable. Help the environment by purchasing their bunches and recycling the boxes yourself. Bunches doesn’t send blooms in a ‘one size fits all’ box, unlike other flower delivery companies. They actually have 12 different gift boxes which have been specially designed for their bouquets to ensure your flowers fit snugly and have a safe home during transit. The strong cardboard boxes come complete with a pretty pink daisy design which guarantees your gift arrives in style and is sure to make the recipient smile even more before they discover the flowers inside. Boxes are made with 100% recyclable materials. So, once it has done its job, it can be reused or recycled… who knows, it could even become another Bunches gift box!

Placing your order at Bunches.co.uk

Ordering your bouquet online at Bunches is quite easy, even if you don’t have the least experience on internet shopping. Sit back, relax and take a look at their comprehensive catalog to get started. Flowers by Post, Autumn Flowers, Flower Gifts, House Plants, Balloons, Hampers… their neatly arranged will make it easy for you to make a choice. Besides the categories, you can browse your flowers by price, color, occasion and type. Whether you are looking for a special color bouquet or need to find a savvy option for that gift, there you are. So choose your bouquet or special gift. Click upon it for further info. Choose size if available. Add it to your shopping basket. You will be redirected to a screen where you’ll be able to choose from a number of nice extras to make your gift even more special. Those extras range from an extra chocolate box to special ribbons, mini balloons, mini birthday cakes, jeweled butterflies. Select whichever you fancy best and continue to checkout. Select delivery date and indicate your personalized message. Once in the basket summary you will check you got it all right and type your promo code. Read? Proceed to checkout and confirm your order. Within two days your dear one will be enjoying a most delightful present!

Bunches.co.uk Promotional Codes

Bunches promo codes are special codes which grant the lucky holders special discounts and juicy reductions if applied in the Voucher-specific box during purchase. Bunches promo codes are the guarantee for great deals, from free premium delivery service to special discounts on certain bouquet or plant ranges or money-off deals on your total for store wide purchases. In the screenshot below we highlight the box where you need to type your code.

Bunches promo codeFrom a small stall in the Four Seasons shopping center to a business which nowadays is blanketing the entire country in fresh cut flowers post-delivered. Such is the result of the Turner’s family commitment to an excellent customer service and high quality bouquets delivery. High quality bouquets, house plants, gifts… everything to make sure you will brighten someone’s day or cheer up your office or home. Take advantage of a fast, friendly service and use your Bunches promo code today!

To celebrate a birthday, a birth or to show your affection to your loved one, sending a flower bouquet is always a good idea. At Bunches.co.uk you’ll find beautifully arranged and fresh bouquets which will be delivered quickly and for free wherever you want.

Bunches started as a small family business in 1989. Over the years, it has grown and expanded throughout the UK, placing orders wherever they’re requested in the country. Find your “bunch” among the beautiful arrangements they offer. They’re divided into different categories: Classic Value Flowers, Luxury Bouquets, Summer Flowers, Extra Value Flowers and Luxury Roses. Bunches.co.uk also has Gift Sets and Balloons to complete your gift, or if you fancy something more lasting, choose among their House Plants.

Colourful, stylish and beautiful, you’ll feel you can smell their scent through the screen! Click here if you want to have your promotional code for your order online at Bunches.


Buying a flower bouquet online is easy, quick and secure with Bunches.co.uk. Choose your product and proceed to checkout. First, you’ll be given the option of adding any extras, like card vases, handcrafted greeting cards, gifts, cakes & chocolates, Teddy bears and mini balloons. Then, choose your delivery option; it includes next day free delivery by Royal Mail 1st Class post. Add your personal message with your flowers. In the Basket Summary you can enter your promotional code and have discounts on your orders. Also know that Bunches.co.uk always sends Free Milk Chocolates in every delivery! There’s no need to register in order to have your bouquet sent, but know that if you do, you’ll receive an email newsletter with offers and updates and get Posy points to apply discounts on further deliveries.

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