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Students, professionals, factory workers, hikers, mountaineers and business people around the world will enjoy Casio’s product features. Their hard working team is always striving to create products which take out the most of technology, of space, and of course, that meet the standards of set by international environmental laws. This is one of the main reasons why purchasing Casio products is highly recommendable. Being an international company, Casio must comply with multiple regulatory requirements, task which they indeed take seriously. Environment concerned customers can take it for granted that they are acquiring and using products which meet the most strict energy saving standards. Casios’ goal is to help build a more sustainable world while contributing to the creation of new markets and cultural phenomenon by developing compact, lightweight slim and energy-efficient products. A delight to use, a delight for your pocket and a delight for environment. Using their energy saving products means you need to invest less in powering them up and, of course, that you no longer need to worry about short term batteries. Ready to upgrade your lifestyle with Casio?


Casio Computer Co. is a multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo. Its products include calculators, mobile phones, cameras, musical instruments and watches. They were founded in 1946. Since their beginning, their goal has been providing new value to society via their technology. Casio’s fast, compact calculator tech greatly increased office computation efficiency. Then they provided individuals with their own personal calculators, making it easy for everyone to do math. This way they went on developing calculation devices with advanced functions, including technological and scientific calculators. In the video below you will watch an appealing summary of Casio’s tech outreach and product development approach. Like they state, it’s all about going from “0” to “1”, creating new value from nothing.

Of course, over the time the have produced many other groundbreaking products. Their electronic dictionaries provide a wealth of knowledge and make learning fun. Their watches have become a critical tool for planning people’s daily activities. Their musical instruments deliver the joy of playing music to people of all skill levels and their digital cameras make it easy for anyone to capture the unforgettable moments of life. Finally, Casio information systems have helped generate business innovation. Freeing up people’s mental space and inspiring creativity is the way Casio supports the intellectual ability of humankind.


Users of Casios’ ever-advancing core technologies experience a number of benefits which have a noticeable attaching power.

An unbeatable technology. Making the impossible possible.  Casio watches are a clear example of this. Using a Wireless communication function, Casio has created watches that alert wearers where there is an incoming call or e-mail on their smartphones. The watch can also be used to locate the Smartphone by making it ring. They do make the most of interactive communication and interoperability between devices. Their digital cameras with high speed shooting are another amazing example of their technological outreach. Those cameras exceed the capabilities of an SLR camera, enabling you to capture crucial moments, even those not visible to your eye.

Energy-saving products. Casio only creates products which smartly operate on very little power. Casio has reduced the time required for complex image processing in digital cameras, achieving both high performance and reduced power consumption. Splitting the processing between two CPUs, Casio built a multi-core engine that delivers high speed processing. Their electronic dictionaries are another example of their peak tech; those gadgets can operate for long periods of time on commonly available batteries, as well as rechargeable ones.

Only quality. Durable & enduring products. With Casio Products you’ll get a sense of security anywhere, at any time. Because Casio’s hard working and creative team do their best so that the product you buy absolutely meets the needs of most diverse usage environments. Casio handheld terminals are an example. They provide superior levels of toughness as well as outstanding water and dust resistance, withstanding drops from a height and use in dusty locations, wet weather conditions, low temperature and other challenging environments. On the same line, their mercury free Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source projectors are an icon of durability. They last for about 20,000 hour without deterioration in their image quality.

Compact, slim, lightweight tech products.  Casio integrates innovative electronics technology and a clever, elegant design. For example, Casio’s chronographs feature cutting-edge technologies such as solar-powered radio controlled capability and are getting ever more compact and slim. This is achieved through the optimal arrangement of an increasing number of parts needed for multiple functions in a limited space with Casio’s own high-density mounting technology. This lightweight tech is not limited to small devices: Casio’s digital pianos offer smart, functional beauty and are designed to be even more space-saving and lightweight… which makes of them to fit the best way in various interiors.

Easy of use tech. For everybody. Casio’s human-centered design concept employs universal design principles. This concept involves creating products that anyone can use safely and comfortably, regardless of their age, gender or ability. Focusing on features like handy portability and smooth key operation, Casio constantly works to make these products as easy to use as possible. Their human-centered tech concept also means that their different products interfaces are tailored for different users worldwide. For example, Casio calculators displays can be switched to the European format, featuring a decimal comma instead of a decimal point, or to Indian digit grouping, where there is a comma after the thousand position and then after every subsequent two digits. As said, Casio is for you, wherever you are.

Besides all the beauty inherent to Casio products, you will find shopping in CasioOnline store a pleasant experience. Their customer – friendly interface is designed to make the purchase process as easy and hassle free as possible. Their website is designed to offer a clear and nice overview of Casio’s product catalogue. Of course, they use safe encryption technology and all necessary precautions to make sure your purchase is absolutely secure and your data are safe. And if you have any questions or queries, their friendly, attentive team is always willing to attend you and provide any advice you might need, via e-mail or telephone. Do not hesitate to contact them, whether you have questions on a Casio product or you have issues with your order.


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