The Craft Company regularly runs promotional & voucher codes. They will get you awesome discounts in the tastiest baking supplies. To receive your discount when ordering online you just need to type your code into the “coupon code” box. From free delivery deals to other money-off promotions, some extra value to your purchase always feels great, does it not? Click here to reveal your code, visit the store and give them a try!

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The Craft Company specializes in cake decorations and cake decorating supplies, including cake boards, cake decorating equipment, baking tins, cake boxes, ingredients and cake toppers. They stock everything you might need for decorating cakes.

If you are making cupcakes –please have a look in our Cupcake Section where we have an enormous array of cupcake decorations, boxes, baking cases and the Cupcake Courier for transporting them to your venue. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, christening, Christmas, Valentine or Easter  – they have all the equipment, ingredients and cake decorating supplies you could ever need.

Why purchasing at the Craft Company is so great

Whether you are a professional cook or an amateur cupcaker, you are bound to love CraftCompanys inspiring and delicious selection of products. From their topping ingredients to the crafting essentials, their exquisite quality and fine results will leave nobody disappointed. Do you need further reassurance to choose the Craft Company? Well, each of their product ranges is quite a reason to choose them. We shall talk a little more about each of them

The best cupcaking equipment. Baking cupcakes and fairy cakes is quite popular, and it will be even more with CraftCompany’s supplies. They are great for parties and special occasions and are increasingly being served as a replacement for traditional wedding cakes… since they not only look stunning but taste delicious too. Craft Company’s wide range of cupcake equipment includes everything you might need to make and decorate your delicious cupcakes, so if you are just starting out or want to be more imaginative with your cupcake icing and decorations – they also have it all. Their one stop cupcake section also features fabulous selections of baking cases, carriers, boxes, stands, tins and wrappers. All designed to help you make your tasty pieces of bakery irresistible.

Supplies to bake the tastiest cookies. Ever thought of icing or decorating your cookies? They don’t need to mean plain stuff anymore! “Dressed up” cookies are now quite as popular as cupcakes! Whether you want them to refill cozy party bags or to store treats for your friends and visits. They are easy to bake, so why not have a flick through their comprehensive selection of cookie books? They are full of ideas for baking and decorating! Their cutters and tins will help you create shaped and embossed cookies… perfect professional looking cookies. Their ready to roll icing, designer icing colors and sprinkles and glitters will give your cookies the perfect decoration and look. Pop your cookie creations into one of their attractive gift bags – they are the perfect gift for friends and family.

Professional equipment for your baking. Access to the right equipment and tools is essential for any cook or cake baker, whether a starter or an old hand. With this in mind, they have put together a comprehensive range of cake craft equipment and decoration tools that will not only make your baking easier, more fun and a lot more successful too. Their carefully chosen selection of market-leading equipment will help you master the art of cake, cupcake and cookie making and decorating. From handy household items such as boards, knives and rolling pins to more specific tools, like moulds cuters and decoration sheets, they have quite a comprehensive range. Whatever the cake design or characteristics are they have the tools you need.

Inspirational selection of books. Craft Company’s inspiring selection of cake baking and decorating books is bound to inspire you – as well as looking great on your bookshelf or coffee table. You should really take a look and try them for fresh ideas and handy tips. Their comprehensive range of reference and recipe books will provide the perfect solution for your next celebration cake – step by step instructions will help you, even if your experience is null, to achieve stunning results!

The essentials for jam making.  Making your own preserves at home has quite a number of advantages. Using only natural ingredients, you can be sure your homemade jam will be free from artificial preservatives, for a start. Their jam making kits a and equipment are perfect if you grow your own fruit and veggies, or simply want to take advantage of the seasonal groceries. In addition to this, you will find an awesome selection of jam jars and label kits to organize, cover and complete your homemade preserve… perfect if presented as a gift!

Awesome buy bulk deals. The more you buy, the more you save. All the products store-wide will gain you extraordinary savings if you multi-buy. The amount saved depends on the product and the quantity purchased. Remember that buy bulk savings are for online customers only… if you want to take advantage of them, you need to order online!

Placing your order at website has been created and designed to help make completing an order as quick and painless as possible. Whether you are an experienced internet shopper or a first timer, it should not be big deal. We do recommend you to take your time to navigate this cozy and welcoming online store, and choose the products you really want /need. Once you have found the items you have been looking for enter the quantity and select the “Add to Cart” button for each item. Then proceed to the checkout page where you will be guided through the purchasing process. Do not forget to type your promo code first. All orders will be confirmed with an email once the transaction is completed, as a proof of purchase. Remember to check your inbox once you confirm! Coupon Codes

The Craft Company regularly runs promotional & voucher codes. They will get you awesome discounts in the tastiest baking supplies. To receive your discount when ordering online you just need to type your code (not copying & pasting) into the “coupon code” box on right hand side and click the “Apply Coupon” button. In the screenshot below we highlight that box. Remember that orders placed over the phone are charged full… which is another big reason to choose purchasing online!

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The leading cake, cupcake and sugarcraft internet retailer in the UK. Everything from packaging, sprinkles, toppers, ingredients, bakeware, stands, equipment, ribbons and more. All you need for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Easter, Halloween or just because! Use our great voucher codes to earn awesome discounts at the Craft Company!