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Despite belonging to the same breed, it’s amazing the infinite world of differences, peculiarities that human species show off. Gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, income levels… a number of determining factors defines our uniqueness as individuals, our identity against other groups.  Different characteristics define different needs, which mean different demands. HOM is a French fashion brand focused in offering fashion outwear for young males. Athletes, geeks, casual, student-life, the successful business guy, the black-addict, beach, home wear… at HOM.com you will find the perfect wear to suit any of this styles, and much more.


HOM is a fashion brand created specifically for men. It is now considered as a specialized brand for the world of men’s underwear and has become a strong benchmark, an outstanding reference for on-style males. Briefs, hipsters, boxers… HOM’s underwear collection’s look, design, shape, quality and comfort is well known. And pyjamas, swimwear and socks boast of the same level of quality. HOM is a comprehensive name gathering a differing range of product lines, each of them created to meet the characteristics of a specific lifestyle.


As we stated above, everybody is unique. Also each male is different. HOM team has worked hard to put together a selection of styles which will help each of you to dress up the way which best fits your lifestyle. To show off your difference, while you feel absolutely comfortable. In the lines below we describe the main trends offered in this unique store… sure you’ll find yourself in there!

Sport lifestyle. Fun and friendly guys, who love all different kind of sports and have a strong team spirit. Who strive to combine fashion and a most comfortable performance. HOM brings bright and comfortable underwear and home wear in breathable fabrics for him. He likes spending time with friends and discussing his interests and his hobbies: sports, cars, and the latest must-have tech gadgets. If you are any like this, you will absolutely love HOM sports swimwear for its incredibly well-fitting design. Choose sport collection to enjoy the perfect balance between tech sophistication and style.

HO1. For those who choose comfort. HO1 man prioritizes comfort. He wants to look casual without compromising on design. HO1 (Horizontal opening nº 1) has become the signature garnment of the HOM brand, and has been attracting followers ever since its launch in 1997. A unique fabric, a mixture of cotton, modal and elastane paired with its elegant design offers the ultimate in comfort. Recently the HO1 collection added a whole range of fabrics and innovative prints.

Highlight your sex appeal. With HOM temptation style. TEMPTATION man is the modern seducer. Refinement and elegance define his day to day life. He takes care of himself, his physique and wears luxurious and delicate underwear to please his couple. He is an urban looking, confident guy, ready to spend what it takes to purchase perfect fitting body wear. TEMPTATION line is audacious, erotic and chic. Genuine, delicately-detailed lingerie, manufactured with premium fabrics. Guys who feel identified with this will definitely love TEMPTATION underwear. It won’t go unnoticed in your special occasion!

Black Addict line. For those at the forefront of fashion. Black Addict man loves fashion and seeks pleasure. He takes care of himself and his body. He always has the latest fashion trends and tech gadgets. His world is trendy and knows how to show it. Whether single or not, he loves night life and clubbing. He knows he is attractive and likes to show it with the underwear, home wear and beach wear from the Black Addict collection. Guys living it the Black Addict style will love the sexy and short HOM styles in this line, with Rock ‘n’ Roll details rounding off their wardrobe. This is a HOM fashion statement!

Highlight your uniqueness with HOM e.go style. The embodiment of anti-conformism. Show off your difference by choosing extraordinary clothing. e.Go HOM style will greatly help you in such task by intelligently combining the most original trends from the past and present to create unique –yet appealing- garnments. HOM partners with famous fashion designers, like the renowned Alexis Mabille. This means you will find unique and exclusive designs in the different product lines, like the underwear or the homewear collection. If you are after something actually exclusive, you should really have a look. And visit the website from time to time, for upcoming fashion novelties!

Elegant and refined underwear lines, for formal guys. Successful young workers will surely feel identified with this line. Super comfortable underwear and home wear collections, which fit perfectly under your suit. Dress for success.

Besides the unique, totally lifestyle fitting brand catalogue offered by HOM, you will also find it quite convenient to purchase at their online store for a few other reasons. Most HOM clients place more or less large orders. Which is smart: you get it all at once, avoiding to spend extra time by placing more than one order for just a few products. HOM has decided to make it even more convenient by offering FREE delivery service to orders over100 pounds. Sounds good, huh? Get started and take advantage of their well-stocked, customer-friendly online store. Delivery methods and payment options are flexible… plus they use the latest in SSL technologies to make sure your purchase is absolutely safe!


HOM online store friendly customer interface makes it quite a piece of cake. Take your time to browse through the different sections. Shortcuts are easily displayed in the home page. Underwear, home wear, socks, swimwear, sales… HOM’s large catalogue of men’s wear is divided in two different ways: brands and wear type. Either browse the categories or use the search box for a more accurate selection. Click upon the product to display further information. Choose the products you wish to be delivered. Click the “add to cart” button. Visit your shopping cart (upper right corner of the screen) and check you got it all right. Type your voucher code. Proceed to checkout. Log in and confirm your payment in a few simple steps!


HOM.com vouchers are special codes released by HOM team to grant the lucky bearers special promotions or discounts on specific product lines. You might also find vouchers for reductions in your total on storewide purchases. The opportunity to save a few pounds is always welcome… so don’t be a fool and use yours! In the screenshot below we highlight the box where you should type your code to redeem the discount.

Visit HOM.com and that comfortable piece of outwear you are after. Sport, night clubber, student, casual guy, modern seducer… Regardless your tastes in fashion, at HOM they have it for you. Partnering with most prominent brands and most renowned designers, HOM guarantees you’ll only find top quality and the best designs. Ready to live the HOM experience? Click here to reveal your voucher!