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From American Tourister to Zero Haliburton, IRV ‘s Luggage offers qualitiy and good value for money for every travel need, whether you are traveling to the office, across town, overnight ora an extended vacation. Workers on-the-go need laptop cases, carry-on bags and garment bags that perform and can withstand the abuse at airports or from weather. IRV’s Luggage has hundreds of options here, road-proven bags to meet the needs of most-demanding travelers.

But at IRV’s Luggage they are more tan just luggage. You will find a nice selection of laptop cases, duffels and backpacks as well. Business travelers are bound to love their laptop bags… those will speed their way trough the airport, for they are designed in compliance with TSA requirements. Take a thorough look at their collection and find tha latest in cases for your tech ítems, including Kindle, iPad, smartphones and others.


IRV’s luggage has been serving luggage and business travel needs ever since 1947, year which they started their walka as a family-owned business. They own and opérate two retail stores in Chicago suburbs. With the extensive reach of the internet, IRV has built a thriving business serving the luggage, travel and business needs of customers throughtout the United States and internationally.


Reduced Budget? No problem! With over 60 years in the luggage industry, IRV’S Luggage is positioned  to offer its customers most competitive prices on a large variety of products. They will find what you need, and work to fit it within your budget.

Reparation service, for an always-perfect luggage. If you are the kind of customer who becomes attached to its regular traveling ítems and aren’t happy of facing the need of changing your luggage essentials for just a few scratches (or more serious damage), you’ll love to hear that Irv’s Luggage now has the largest onlite luggage repair center in the Midwest. Many luggage repairs can be completed while you wait! It doesn’t matter what kind of luggage item you need to restore… just drop it off for repair at IRV’s luggage locations or ship it to their repair center via UPS. Whether it is a broken Wheel, a torn zipper or a handle, they offer you a complete and competent repair.

Quality guarantee. At IRV’s luggage they are aware of the importance of your business, and are ready to work hard to earn your trust. This means they will deliver a quality product, competitively priced and on time each and every time you place an order with them.

Customize it! Luggage is an essential part of your image while traveling. Fashion addicts and picky customers will love to hear that now IRV’s luggage offers the option to customize product to meet your exact specifications in large orders.

Business traveling? IRV has what your need! Carry-on luggage, checkpoint-friendly laptops and much more, for employees on the go. They have a huge selection of the best travel gear from the top brands in the business. Find a bag to fit both your needs and your budget!

Embroidery & monogramming services. If you are a business owner, you will love to hear that you can now use your trip luggage to advertise your Company logo on the go. IRV offers you a variety of custom embroidery, monogramming and silk-screening options to personalize your product, and so enhance the efficiency of one of your companys most powerfool branding tools – logo.

Samples provided upon request. In large orders, customers need to be sure they’ll be satisfied with their purchase, and so does IRV. We want no surprises. That’s why they give you the option to see a finished simple of your iem prior to your orfder (though they do recommend you to allow a Little extra time to this important step).

Volumen discounts! Regardless of size, they offer your Company substantial discounts for hight volumen orders.

Concerned about airport size requirements? Never mind… IRV can take care of that! With the ever changing airport security regulations and the need to be compact and organized, IRV’s luggage offeres the latest in travel accessories, from Pack-it systems by Eagle Creek to the latest in liquids storage and top travel organizers por tickets, Passports and personal ítems.

Women’s specials. To fully meet most ladies travel needs, IRV’s Luggage offers a wide selection of handbags from top manufacturers, like Dooney & Bouke, Hobo International, Harvey’s Seatbeltbags, Big Buddha, Tano and other popular brands. Need the perfect travel handbag? Shop IRV’s Luggage for great prices!


Navigating through you’ll soon discover it is a quite simple website, designed to make of your purchase a fast & intuitive process. A number of categories are conveniently displayed in the page’s upper frame (luggage, laptops & briefcases, backpacks & messengers, duffels & sports, travel extras, handbags, etc.). A number of features are also available to make your shopping easier, including a search engine to look for specific ítems and a comparation system , which will enable you to make most accurate selections –in case you feel torn between two or more products. Once you decide which one you want delivered, just click upon the “add to cart” button right beside the product description. You will be automatically redirected to the shopping cart, where you can check every detail of your order is correct before proceeding to checkout. Remember to choose “international” checkout if you are from outside the US (or choose the normal “proceed to checkout option if you are). But remember to add your coupon code before!


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