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At Millet Sports they are passionate about sports and understand why people participate in them. At the end of the day it is all about being competitive and enjoying the activity, whether you’re competing against others or just against yourself. Passion, ambition, competition and the desire to outperform run through everything they do.


They started life over 20 years ago, when Simon Millet founded his first Millet Sports shop in north west London. A keen tennis player and sportsman, Simon wanted to set up a store selling performance sports equipment combined with a service to offer expert product advice, which made them different to other sport fashion stores.

Over the years, those sport fashion stores have come to dominate high street, making it difficult to buy anything but basic sports equipment from most stores. The Millet Sports website was launched back in 2000 and has developed over the years to cover specific sports, not so well served in the high street. Over the last few years the business has grown, including new sport categories and a growing team of sport-minded colleagues to serve the customer demand.


Specific garments for the main popular sports. Whether you are a rugby player, you love football or you practice any type of fitness-focused sport, at you are bound to find what you are looking for. They have sport garment for each type of sport, from individual to multi-player, from running & indoor fitness to rugby, basketball and baseball. Underwear, T-shirts, specific training shoes, shocks, electrical accessories – like monitors and app accessories… at Millet sports you’ll find it all, plus the assistance and advice of a sport-loving team. Expert advice for sport passionate customers will make your experience different –just try it.

Sports nutrition. For a fine performance, you need to nourish yourself –it’s the essential part of it, your body. At they have thought about that too, and offer you a wide range of drinks, powders and food to help you train, compete, recover and ensure your performance is kept at its peak.

Juicy sales. Like at any high street store, at you will find a specific sales section. You don’t need to get out of your house to grab hot deals at sales: now you have everything you might wish from the sales in a sport store conveniently arranged in one single section, subdivided in a number of handy categories (cricket, fitness, football, badminton and so on).  You no longer need to rummage through a pile of disordered clothes to get what you need: just visit the “sales” and “clearance” sections of Milletsports to take benefit of most convenient deals.

Free delivery over 50 pounds. That’s right, if you live in the UK and spend more than 50 pounds in your purchase with Milletsports (which is the amount that most of the customers spend in their orders with them), you get it all delivered for FREE! Take advantage of this convenient bonus and make sure you buy most of your sport-related needs in one time… you’ll avoid having to carry the whole bunch by yourself!

FREE digital magazine.

24 hour delivery option. Have a sport competition within a couple of days and need some specific accessories right away? Or just need it as soon as possible for a gift? In any case, at Milletspors they offer a convenient 24-hour delivery option, for potentially hurried sport customers!

21 days cool-off period to return your goods. There are plenty of reasons for which a customer might need to return the goods delivered – from no longer needing it to the item being the wrong one, or faulty. In any case, at Milletsports they’ll be happy to collect it back and send you a replacement or make a full refund.

Safe shopping & safe delivery. is an accredited retailer regarding to internet shopping & internet delivery safety. You can actually place your order with the peace of mind you won’t face unwelcome security risks – and knowing you’ll get it all, at the right time.

Customer friendly store. Milletsports has been running an online store ever since 2000, which means they have a vast experience regarding e-commerce and e-retailing matters. Take advantage of it, and enjoy the hassle-free customer interface of their store. Conveniently arranged in categories and sub-categories according to sport branch, you’ll find it quite time-saving to place your order.

Handy buying guides. At Milletsports they have compiled a series of in-depth Buying Guides that will help you find and select the perfect clothing and equipment for your preferred sport. If you are unsure on which piece of equipment is the right or you – or you just want to learn a bit more of the latest technological innovations, their range of expert buying guides is there to assist you at every step.

A friendly team, willing to serve you! At Millet Sports they are no fool, and know you are the essential part of their business. With that in mind, they’ll strive to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate sporting information in an easy to understand way, helping you buy the most suitable sports equipment for your individual preferences.

PLACING YOUR ORDER AT MILLETSPORTS.CO.UK website itself is nicely designed and will allow you to easily find what you’re looking for from their massive range of sports gear. Choose the items you are looking for and help yourself with the convenient descriptions and ‘zoommable’ product photos. When you are done, you just need to add it to your shopping basket. You’ll be automatically redirected to it. Don’t forget to include your promotional code when you are ready for checkout!

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