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nh-hotelsDo you wish to book an unforgettable stay? NH Hotels offers travelers safe and high quality stays in 400 high end locations across 28 countries. They cover the world’s main touristic destinations, including cities within Africa, North America and South America. Offering a product which maintains high quality standards, they boast a large number of awards on all their activity areas, including employees, shareholders and environment. A cornerstone in the tourism industry and a reference name within Europe, NH Hotels is now a top 25 hotel chain in the world. The perfect place to enjoy the best catering and accommodation services, or so their loyal guests rate them. Doesn’t it sound cool? You should really try booking with them. Plus, by booking a room via their official website, www.nh-hotels.com you’ll get lower prices than anywhere in the web. Word of a deal hunter!


History of NH Hotel Group begins back in 1978, when its first establishment opens its doors in Pamplona. Not long after that NH Calderón in Barcelona is was inaugurated. Just a decade after that, NH becomes one of the first Hotel chains in Spain, with branches in the heart of principal cities. Then, Corporación Financiera Reunida, S.A. (COFIR) joined the company as a shareholder. From then on, NH Hotels history is a story of growth, multiple inaugurations and real prestige. NH builds a solid brand, with a strong position and a business model never seen before in Spain. Not long after becoming a leader in Spain, NH Hotels begin their international expansion. They combine organic growth with sparkling acquisitions. The experience acquired with each of the mergers during their history enables them to become one of the top 25 largest chains in the world, with an homogeneous product policy. They are proud to offer a solid image of the bran from each of their more than 400 branches around the world – which is to say, across 28 different countries within Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.


NH Hotel Group is characterized by their duty to service, demonstrated by its employees, and its aim to satisfy clients through the quality of its services and constant innovation. As part of these efforts, the company pays particular attention throughout entire development of its business to its main asset: employees.

Treat yourself with NH Gastronomy. Gastronomy is a principal priority for NH Hotels chain. They offer guests a top rated cuisine. NH Hotels with renowned chiefs, such as Paco Roncero, have created pioneer spaces within the hotel sector, such as “Estado Puro”.

A worldwide name. NH Hotel Group is one of the top 25 chains in the world and one of the main ones in Europe. NH Hotels operates almost 400 hotels with around 60,000 rooms in 28 countries across Europe, America and Africa.

A socially responsible business model. NH Hotels Group is a responsible company within the Tourism Industry. The Chain offers hotel services which anticipate present and future needs of both their internal and external stakeholders, which includes clients, shareholders, suppliers, environment… They focus on the needs of communities where they operate, paying special attention to detail and the construction of efficient and sustainable solutions.

Sponsors of culture and art. Proud sponsor of arts, NH Hotels feel specially honored to count on the support of Mario Vargas Losa, recent winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, in the short story contest named after him. They are also proud of their outstanding partnerships. With Ferrán Adriá, implementing new culinary concepts in the chain. With Adolfo Domínguez, designer of their employee’s uniform. And with Jesús del Pozo, for the creation of special fragrances for customers.

A favourite company. Both for workers and guests. Leaders are no fool. They know satisfied employees mean better attended guests, therefore more satisfied customers. From training, as a solution to a need for ongoing improvement in service with the aim of integrating and developing the corporate culture of the Group, to internal loyalty, the company is committed to build the participation and recognition of its employees. All of that has made of NH one of the favorite companies to work for in the sector.

An outstanding quality. The company’s quality stands out both as regards to services and facilities, with carefully chosen decoration, intended to please all tastes and making the guest feel comfortable. NH hotel group establishments are equipped with the most advanced technology to facilitate communication, work and entertainment to customers.

Outstanding Awards. From the involvement in social projects to recognitions regarding employee motivation initiatives and the involvement with suppliers in the development of environmentally sustainable projects. NH Hotels history is plagued of special awards, and recognition for their outstanding performance. Employees, customers, shareholders, society, suppliers… each of their performance areas has been recognized special certifications of awards. Specially outstanding is their environmental action, area for which NH boasts of around 20 special awards .

Green concerned. Environment concerned customers can take it for granted they are booking their stay with a chain which is especially active in environment matters. Back in 2010, NH Hotels launched the Ecomeeting – a cutting edge product, a new concept for the organization of events and conferences. It is defined accordingly with the standards of sustainability and aims to represent a responsible use of energy resources, as well as the use of fair rade products with low environmental impact. They also launch their Sustainability Club NH, a creative laboratory for environmental innovation within their service development.


Improved since 1998, NH Hotels customer friendly website makes it quite easy to book your stay. Visit NH Hotels booking website homepage. A convenient search engine is displayed in the left side of the screen. Indicate your destination city. Indicate Check-in and Check-out dates. Indicate number of rooms you wish to book, and number of adults and children. Type your promotional code. Click the red “search” button. A number of options will be displayed. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Enter the room reservation process: select room type, indicate preferences (queen sized bed, etc.), indicate your data, and confirm your booking. Remember their website is protected with the best SSL technology, which means your personal and payment information are safe. Just confirm your reservation and enjoy your stay!


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Book your stay with a worldwide renowned chain and enjoy first class services from a first name, the outstanding NH Hotels Chain. From their fine cuisine to the services of a committed staff, your stay will be a delight in any of their branches around the world. Your visit to North America, Africa, South America or Europe will be a blissful experience. Considering to book now? Click here for your voucher code and get started right away!

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About Nh-Hotels.com

NH Hoteles is one of the top 25 chains in the world and one of the main ones in Europe. It has almost 400 hotels with around 60,000 rooms in 26 countries of Europe, Africa and America. The comfortable atmosphere at NH-Hoteles is due to its thoroughly chosen decoration and offering quality in both services and facilities. The Company’s establishments are fully equipped with the latest technology to facilitate communication, work and entertainment for clients.

Benefits of Nh-Hotels.com

NH-Hoteles is always the best choice if you’re looking for a great accommodation experience at not exceedingly high prices.

The wide offer of destinations and number of establishments makes it easy to find an NH-Hotel. The advantage of staying at a hotel that is part of a chain is the standards you’ll find no matter the place you travel to. Each establishment will meet the requirements and standards so that you get the same quality in Europe, Africa or America.

Another advantage of this company is their interest on gastronomy. If you value high cuisine, this chain offers guest first-rate cuisine sometime by the hand of prestigious and well-known chefs.

Now, with their Mobile App you don’t need a computer to make your reservations. Book easily on your mobile your room with peace of mind of a secure booking.

How to book on Nh-Hotels.com

The reservation process at Nh-Hotels.com is similar to other online hotel booking websites. Complete the search box at the home page with the required fields. Then you’ll be given a list of hotels indicating their different locations. After choosing one hotel, you’ll start the Booking process. Select the room type, you can choose between Standard Room, Superior Room and Suite. Choose the one that suits you most and go the Preferences step. On this step you can select the bed type and meal preferences where you can include breakfast. After this you’ll have a summary of your reservation with the total price and services. Enter your personal information, the card details for the reservation prepayment and confirm.


How to apply the promotional codes on Nh-Hotels.com

The promotional codes can be redeemed on the search box at the home page. The box to enter the code is below the destination and dates. If you forget to do so, you still have a second chance after you have entered all this information. Check out the discounts we have ready for you at vooucher.com to enjoy the best prices and quality at top hotel chain NH-Hotels.com.