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Ozeal eyeglasses are prepared to meet the needs of the choosiest customers, and so proves their customer testimonial section. Great quality at great prices.. great value for money… really pleased… must see these specs! And so on, the positive reviews of a satisfied customer is indeed the only proof you need to choose a service.  Ozeal has any model you need and professional advice at any time… through a live chat with a professional optician. Meanwhile, do not forget vooucher.com promocodes & discount vouchers will get you wonderful reductions in your bill!

Plus, Ozeal client friendly website interface makes it quite easy to perform your purchase. As you can guess, you have plenty of browsing possibilities while you sneak through their products. Browse your eyeglasses by gender, designer, style, functionality, or sneak through sales section. You might not be sure of what you need, and that’s why Ozeal eyeglasses puts at your disposal a prescription guide, where you can:

A) make a comparison quality vs price B) choose the right lens types for your need C) choose the thickness of your eyeglasses D) choose a type of coating and E) add some tints, if you need.

Even more, a qualified optician is available for free online chat in case you need advice. A professional online service without moving from your house.

 About Ozeal:

Ozeal glasses brings you the best styles of frames at affordable prices. With other 3,000 styles to choose from and collaborations with exclusive brands Ozeal is sure to have something to suite your characteristics. Come check out Ozeal at: www.ozealglasses.co.uk.

Ozeal provides three types of lenses: Single Vision, Bifocals and Progressives. Single Vision can be further divided into distance, computer and reading lenses according to your actual vision problems. Do not miss Ozeal’s deals through vooucher.com promo vouchers and discount codes!

You should remember that failing to choose the right lens type will gradually bring harm to your eyes. For any problems with picking the right lens type, you can either refer to Ozeal’s lens guide or contact them for professional tips.

Why choose Ozealglasses.co.uk?

Ozeal glasses aims at making a revolution of today’s e-commerce industries in UK by offering unbeatable prices and service. And they get to it by hiring their own designers (competitor brands charge extremely for designer’s work) and having their own factories, on which they manufacture the glasses that are sold directly to you. So…

– You save money. Average 8% less than high street prices for the same quality and service level. And average 50% less than other online shops for the same level of products and better service.

– Ozeal provides better choices. You can be sure to find the glasses that suit you well and flatter you. Ozeal has various styles of prescription glasses of more than 2.000 options, including various shapes and styles. They only sell high quality products supervised by their own technicians.

– Ozeal offers excellent service. Ozeal is made up of qualified opticians and optometrist which guarantee the accuracy of your choice.

– You get a quick answer. Anywhere, anytime. Besides online chat on Ozeal’s main page, email and phone, Ozeal is unique for they are the only ones in UK offering customer service through social media. Reach a response within 5 minutes.

– Free delivery. On All Orders.

– Free return. You have the right to return the products for totally free and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Ozeal is working hard on providing more delivery options to you so as to better serve your needs.

– Solidarity & love. Since 2013, Ozeal is organizing in partnership with non-profits in Asia a “Gift Project”. Glasses from Ozeal together with customer’s wishes are delivered to the individuals in need as gifts. Starting from Asia, they aim to reach different places in the world. It’s quite easy and exciting to get involved: you collaborate and write down your wishes, Ozeal delivers and sends you back every detail when the person receives the gift. You will be the first to know where your wishes go and who receives the gift!!

How to purchase with Ozealglasses.co.uk:

Once you choose the frames you prefer, you just need to click the shopping cart in the right upper corner. Ozeal wil then ask you for your preferences to customize your choice (lenses type, thickness, coating, tint, and your prescription if you have one). When you are done with this step, you click in the “add to basket” button on the right side of the screen to enter the checkout window, where you will be asked for the payment and delivery information. Remember that with Ozeals’ Promo Voucher you can get awesome reductions in your bill through vooucher.com.

How to use Ozeals’ Promo Voucher:

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