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Traveling is a pleasure, a great way to disconnect from your daily routine and come back home with enhanced moods. But it is also, more often than not, a real headache when it comes to adjust plans and find the proper transportation means, at the right price, or the right timing. Traveling abroad with total freedom, wherever you go, whatever kind of trip plan you are up to is just a delight. And motorbikes are quite a solution to this. From backpackers to business travelers, from a small holiday or a couple of days break away… or just an adventure with other motorcyclist buddies. Motorbikes are the key for a hassle-free transportation, adaptable to any situation, and a great solution for any last minute change of mind in your trip plans. Motorbikes are flexibility. Speed. A smart way to adjust to any situation. Easier to park. A ticket to freedom. Of course, motorbike lovers don’t need to be told about all of this… they just live it through motorbikes.

This is exactly what you get by hiring your motorbike with an easy, hassle-free way to make flexible plans and have it all ready when you get to your destination. super convenient network of motorcycle renters will enable you to set your transportation plans and have your motorbike ready the moment you land and get off your flight. Pack up. Fly. Land and get away. Doesn’t it sound appealing?

ABOUT RENTALMOTORBIKE.COM is the largest on-line confirmation of motorbikes, insurance and equipment renting reservation system. More than 30.000 motorbikes in 500 different locations. At the best prices, with availability and security guaranteed.


RentalMotorbike is a GREAT service. We’ve put together a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy if you choose to rent your ride via this platform… though we highly recommend you live it yourself for. No quality guarantee is better that your own experience as a customer!

A global service.  The beauty of choosing stems in the fact that they partner with the best motorbike rental companies all around the globe. From most popular touristic destinations to exotic, distant countries. From Europe to Asia, from Spain to New Zealand or Las Vegas, wherever you plan to trip, will arrange a motorbike solution for you.

Easy to handle website. team has worked (and keeps working) hard to create a customer-friendly, easy to navigate website, for a fast and hassle-free reservation process. Five simple steps you will complete in less than five minutes.

A great insurance service.  Their service includes, of course, a convenient insurance service, covering unforeseen cancellations, accidents or last minute plan changes. For further information, consult their medical coverage and repatriation policy section at the website.

Safe payment.  Multicurrency (dynamic currency conversion will enable you to detect your country’s currency, so you will know the exact amount of each transaction. Transactions are protected by the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, with 128 bits security keys. Card details are not stored on their servers, therefore ensuring the safety of your credit or debit card details.

Multilingual website. website is available in 9 different languages and can be visited through all kinds of browsers, from mobile devices, smartphones or tablets. So wherever you are, or if you speak a different language to English, there is a good chance you will find yours for a total hassle-free reservation.

Go greener with Through their dynamic filters, at they have classified the bikes by their cubic capacity and fuel consumption. They’ve also added electric vehicles to their fleet. Environment-concerned riders now have a larger choice and more tools for controlling their environmental impact: Yamaha, BMW, Honda, Harley Davidson,


Ready to make your motorbike reservation? Just visit website and get started with their convenient booking engine. Select your destination country and city, pick up and leave dates and search. A list of motorbike options will be displayed, ranged from lower to higher prices. Choose the one which best fits your needs or budget. Click the “book now” button. You will be redirected to the Checkout page, where you’ll need to provide your personal details and choose your preferred payment method. Do not forget to enter your coupon code. Continue to payment confirmation. In 2 simple steps you will be done! You should receive a confirmation e-mail, providing the rental company address and contact data.

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