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RoobeautySelecting a beauty storage can be the ideal blend of practical design and innovative style when you select it from a recommended brand. ROO Beautys’ large range of beauty boxes, cases and trolleys is intended for a maximum storage capacity in the smallest space possible, allowing you to easily transport even the largest cosmetic kits from place to place. They are indeed most suitable for salons who want a helpful and attractive make up case or for professionals who regularly need to travel from location to location with a huge range of products.

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ABOUT ROOBEAUTY is the online branch of a company focused in offering beauty storage solutions. Each piece of their growing collection of cases and trolleys has been carefully designed with professionals and home users in mind. They collaborate with top names in the industry to find out what you want from a beauty box. Pockets, trays, drawers and dozens of features along with an accurate design will make you find Roo Beauty vanity cases most convenient.

Besides their beauty boxes, cases, cosmetic trolleys and hairdressing pouches, at ROO Beauty they also produce their own high quality hairdressing scissors. Capable of cutting through even the most fine hair, hairdressing scissors are vital for creating bewildering selections of hair styles, designs and looks. They have taken advantage of their close connections with some of the UK’S top hairdressing colleges to create their very own range of funky and vibrant hairdressing scissors.


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Vanity boxes and make up cases for all your beauty needs. They haven’t stopped at simply designing gorgeous beauty cases here at Roo Beauty either. They understand that there are a number of different requirements amongst both hard working beauty techs and enthusiastic home amateur beauticians. At you’ll find quite a collection of hard cases, tool bags, brush cases and cosmetic bags.

Versatile beauty storage range. Their storage range is perfectly designed for a range of uses, extending from personal vanity cases through professional beauty trolleys, perfect for shows or just your bedroom. Wheter you’re a hairdresser, manicurist, make up artis or beautician, you’ll be able to store all your cosmetic essentials in style thanks to our beauty cases and trolleys.

Funky selection of hairdressing essentials! Besides cases, trolleys & boxes, Roo Beauty is also the home of funky hairdressing pouches, scissors, wallets and hairdressing scissors. Originally the first company in the UK to produce vibrant funky hairdressing pouches. The originator of over 20 unique pouch designs, Roo Beauty has been cloned worldwide by numerous companies. Despite of that, Roo Beauty remains at the forefront of the hairdressing pouch industry, due to their unbeatable high quality, award winning customer aftercare and constant dedication to product innovation and design.

The sign and mark of a professional stylist. Worn on the belts, shoulders and waists of hairdressers, hairstylists, barbers and many other hair professionals, the Roo hairdressing pouch is capable of holding various pairs of hairdressing scissors, combs, brushes, clips, and other accessories. Roo pouches keep all your essential tools close to hand, leaving you free to cut and style your clients’ hair.

Premium and efficient storage. Many of their beauty cases feature dividers and shelves, allowing you to effectively arrange all of your necessities, no matter what shape or size you require. Not only that, Roo Beauty offers a diverse range of impressive and attractive designs for your beauty storage.

Diverse range of designs! Impressive and attractive designs for your beauty storage, which give you a stylish edge that will make your work even more memorable. Featuring animal prints and many more designs that are from the understated to the outrageous, at Roo Beauty you’ll get the makeup box that best represents you!

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