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Sticky9 is a fun printing service wholly created around Instagram. So, to create your Sticky9 products you just need to enter your Instagram account (and upload your pics to Instagram in case you still haven’t got them there). And if you want to print pics you don’t want to share with your Instagram followers, no concerns… try an Instagram private account! Many Sticky9 customers already do.

But fun doesn’t end here. Now you can make your friends a fun gift using their photos too! Providing your friend follows you on Instagram and their profile is public, you can use their photos to create a special Sticky9 gift. Special moments are the basis of any relationship. Make it stronger by making them last forever… make them touchable, real and more fun via Sticky9 special designs! You see it, huh? A printed magnet, a printed phone case… those are details your simply can’t forget! -Mostly because they are in your hand or hanging in front of you all the time.


Sticky9 is a printing service that transforms your Instagram potos into little magnets, custom pone cases and iPad covers. Their HQ is based in London. All their products are printed with care in the UK. They are a small team who loves instagram as much as you!

Sticky9 was born in London in 2011 out of a love of Instagram and a desire to make cool, real-life stuff from digital content. They were called StickyGram at the beginning and back then life was all about instagram magnets. Those little photo magnets and their ironic 9-grid are loved the world over + they remain at the heart of their business. That’s why they changed their name to Sticky9!


More than magnets. Right now at sticky9 they make magnets, custom pone cases and iPad covers from your Instagram pics, and growing. Ready to join the photo fun?? Subscribe today!

Free shipping! That,s right, if you live in the UK, you get your magnets and personalized cases for free. aims to start working on your order within 24 hours of receiving it. Your order is received and carefully printed in the UK and sent to you via standard airmail. Most of them fit within your letterbox, like a regular letter… you couldn’t find it more convenient, promise!

Worldwide delivery… it doesn’t matter where you are, or where is that friend you want to send a special gift to. Sticky 9 offers WORLDWIDE shipping for a Little extra. You are in Italy and your BF is in Japan? Is your family in the UK and you are in your gap year out there in Africa? It doesn’t matter! You only need to get connected and connect your Instagram account to Sticky9 to send a special detail featuring your most special moments. Get started, don’t get stuck!

A small team who loves their job. Get your Sticky9 magnets and prints right out from the hand of a committed team, who cares both for your satisfaction and the quality of the designs you order. Some of them write things, others design things, others build them.

You, the customer, are first. They are not stupid. They know that Sticky9 success fully depends on satisfied customers –like you. That’s why they are so ready to talk and solve any questions, or give you any advice you might need. Send them your product wish-list or photos of sticky9 in action. They actually need you involved to take a step forward! Whether you have complaints about your order or just had an awesome idea, get in touch!

Special offers, now and then. Sticky9 team wants to give you the chance to grab a deal. They want you stuck to their products. That’s why every now and then they grant discount codes to use on the site. Just check special code releases and join their social networks…. you actually don’t want to miss any!

Tracking system, for your peace of mind. Sticky9 free, standard shipping option doesn’t come with a tracking feature but if you have added premium whipping to your basket, you’ll receive a tracking number in your confirmation email. That way you can track your parcel’s journey online!


It’s a piece of cake. Visit and log in to the site with your Instagram details. Select the product you need to create and choose your photos. Once you’ve checked out (just a few simple steps), Sticky9 team takes care of the rest. As soon as your order is ready, they ship it to you, wherever you are! Process is quite an intuitive one, with a totally free customer interface. Get started today; bring your Instagram fun pics to life with Sticky9!


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Sticky9 offers a custom made printing service that turns your Instagram images into magnets. Products are unique, flexible and durable, always displaying the quality of original images. Its size is 50mmx50mm and come in packs of 9. For more fun information or details of gift possibilities visit their website… but don’t forget to get your discount code first!