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When it comes to buying a tablet, a laptop – or a desktop, first brand that comes to thousands’ of people’s minds is ASUS. From their smaller devices to their hottest tech releases, ASUS products make a great difference. Their multi-app, multi-function operative systems are the source for endless fun and entertainment. Literally the entire world at your fingertips. With a wide range of products like ALL-in-one PCs, desktops, notebooks, tablets, peripherals and other accessories, Asus can be an incredible entertainment partner. Both for your spare time and work time. Click here to reveal your ASUS coupon code!

ASUS seasoned team of trained professionals provides around-the-clock assistance for every product you purchase from them. Whether it comes to netbooks, nettop, servers, multimedia & graphic devices or card & optical storage. Besides their online assistance, ASUS has quite a deal of support tools on their website, including a convenient FAQ page and a download page allowing you to download drivers, manuals BIOS and firmware. What else do you need? Get the Asus product that best suits you for the perfect entertainment wherever you go. Click here to reveal your ASUS coupon code!


Asus is a Taiwanese brand which takes its name from Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Asus embodies the strength, purity and adventurous spirit of this fantastic creature, and soars to new heights with each new product it creates.

Taiwan’s Information Technology industry has largely grown over the last few decades and the country is now a dominant force in the global market. ASUS has long been at the forefront of this growth and while the company started life as a humble motherboard manufacturer with just a handful of employees, it is now the leading technology company in Taiwan with over 12,5000 employees worldwide. ASUS makes products in almost every area of information technology too, including PC components, peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and smartphones.

Top advantages of purchasing at

Why should you purchase your communication technology devices at Well, as for that we can mention as many advantages as awesome, fantastic latest technology products ASUS catalog offers. But let’s not forget the most important one: is the brand’s official store, which means you’ll get the manufacturer’s guarantees first hand –besides a quality and satisfaction guarantee you won’t enjoy elsewhere.

The latest innovative technology.  Innovation is the key to the success of ASUS. Having unveiled the PadFone to a rapturous audience at Computex 2011, this year, ASUS has raised the bar once more by announcing the ultra-portables dual purpose TAICHI and Transformer Book. Each and every product marketed by ASUS is the result of an amazing technology combination. Take their stunning ASUS TAICHI, right now the latest incarnation of innovation. ASUS Taichi is an Ultrabook with a unique double-sided multi-touch display that allows it to switch between a tablet and notebook in an instant, simply by lifting its lid. Transformer Book is a convertible Ultrabook that is both a notebook with hard drive and storage and multi-touch SSD tablet, thanks to its backlit keyboard dock.

A product designed for you. Their manufacturing chain starts with understanding what users think, feel and do – what you value. ASUS focuses on understanding what you need to design inspiring & ideal experiences. Asus design center starts its activity with what people need. Innovation and perfect solutions esthetically crafted are the result. Integrated, intuitive & sustainable, of course.

A multi award-winning manufacturer. The visionary approach to technology enables ASUS to bring them high-quality innovation and design to all. The reason for their widespread acclaim. ASUS products won 4,256 international awards and accolades in 2013 – that’s over 11 a day, every day. ASUS has consistently achieved significant year-on-year growth in terms of consumer notebook units shipped. No wonder they are so many peoples’ choice for a reason, don’t you think?

ASUS is green too. A company the size of ASUS has quite a role to play in environmental matters, and they do take it seriously. ASUS has a full-time environmental health and safety team responsible for company-wide environmental security management. The team assesses the environmental impact that arises from company’s activities to make sure the company meets the environmental regulations and government-related requirements, contributing to promote the improvement plan. They always aim to lower the environmental impact to the minimum, moving towards a zero-pollution goal. So there it is… knowing the company you purchase for is not doing a mess of the natural resources and environment is being cared for always feels better. Environment-aware customers will be happy to know!

Outstanding selection of refurbished products. Refurbished products are PCS and other items that have been returned to ASUS as a result of customers deciding to go with a different ASUS product or simply cancelling orders. Such returned items may show use in their packaging. Refurbished products are up-to-date devices that work completely correct. Some returned products have not been used at all, but only the packaging of the box was not proper. All products receive a strongly monitored reconditioning treatment. Defective pieces are replaced with original ASUS components. They are thoroughly tested. In short: high ASUS quality for a very fair low price. Their availability is quite limited due the popularity of this products, for which ASUS recommends to place your order promptly if you find something that meets your needs – it might not remain in stock for long.

Excellent shipping service. ASUS shop offers two shipping options for physical goods – standard service and express service: UPS standard and UPS express saver. You can track your order using the Order History function in the My Account Section or via information provided in the shipping notification E-mail. Costs of courier shipment are calculated during the order process and depend on the quantity ordered, size of items and selected shipping method. Delivery is absolutely free of charge in orders over 80.

Placing your order at

Purchasing your Asus device is not a big deal, whether you are an experienced internet buyer or not. First of all, sit back, relax and browse through their well-stocked online store. Phone, tablet, computer, peripheral, commercial, service, store… select your category and use their convenient filters to display a more accurate selection of the products you are interested in.

Choose the product you are interested in at the “store” section – products in other categories or sections may be not for online sale, just like some sort of catalog. A refurbished transformer pad, for instance. Click upon it for a quick view. Select color and size if available. Add it to your shopping basket.

You can either continue shopping or click the checkout now button displayed in the screen afterwards. If you are done, continue to your shopping cart and check its contents. Type your voucher code to get an instant discount or deal. And proceed to a fast, safe checkout. Just a few steps and you will be enjoying your fantastic new piece of technology within a few days! Promotional Codes

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Asus discount code

Whether you are building a new computer system from the ground or looking for one ready to go, you will find a large selection of high-value products at Make it more affordable than ever using our money-saving Asus coupon codes. Discount Codes are now available! Your special codes which grant the lucky holders extra money-off deals upon Zavvi’s already bargain prices. Use Zavvis’ Discount Codes to get from free premium delivery to money-off promotions upon certain product ranges or reductions in your total for a purchase store wide… there are different types. Click here and give them a try!


If you want to be the first to get your hands on the latest game release, you are at the right place. Browse through their range of new games and make sure you don’t miss out any of the future best-selling classics. They love finding you great deals. Make sure you keep an eye on their website for notifications of unique price drops and unbeatable offers on games, console bundles and gaming accessories.

So, a fan of Xbox One? Or freaking love the Play Station 4? Whichever path of “ultimate gaming experience” you have decided to embrace, at they constantly strive to keep you up to date about the latest releases and pre-order announcements via their department pages.


At Zavvi they pride themselves on bringing you the latest game releases, highly anticipated pre-order titles and massive must have offers across every gaming platform, including Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Nintendo DS, 3DS AND 2DS, Wii, Wii U and PC. Browse their comprehensive selection of loads of great games, consoles and accessories at even greater prices.

Top reasons to choose

There are as many reasons to purchase in a multi-brand/multi-product online games&technology store like Zavvi as awesome products they offer. Along with their great customer service and their easy-returns policy, Zavvi is a must-visit store. Below we mention sa few of such reasons – but not all of them, for sure.

Best-selling games. You should really take some time to visit their best-selling games categories. With a whole new generation of Kinect technology you’ll be shouting plays in NBA 2K14, mastering Zumba and navigating the glorious new home screen in absolutely no time. Keep your eye out for all the Xbox One, Play Station 3 & 4, PC and Nintendo games coming soon. The latest releases along with the newest accessories, you’ll be able to put them into your collection in no time. Remember their amazing offers include the FREE UK delivery – if you get a deal, you get it at deal price indeed!

Fantastic Blu-ray range. The awesome Zavvi Blu-ray department will be quite a delight for high-definition lovers. Having them downloaded may be good, but it’s quite a risk and sometimes you just need to have the CD box in your hands, don’t you? Well, at this section you will find your favourite films, TV series and Steelbooks in superb high definition. Zavvi team is constantly adding the latest releases to their collection and always have an eye-popping offer to treat their customers.

Top selling movies and series.  Take your pick at awesome DVD section, the premier destination for all the top rated movies and series. From the newest releases to classics, they have movies covering every genre and age, from action to horror, comedy series to best selling Hollywood blockbusters.

Awesome technology items. Make sure you are ahead of it all and grab the latest technology releases at! Enjoy the great prices in their headphones and earphones from them, including their great range of House of Marley headphones. They also have fantastic deals in Office and Microsoft Office software. Find big deals in refurbished laptops and other visual technology, including cheap cameras. Whatever it is you are looking for, make sure you take advantage of their great prices!

There is something for kids too. If you have kids – or little brothers, you will love Zavvis’ Toys deparment. Hundreds of brilliant toys for boys and girls of all age ranges. Ever-favourite toys like Lego, Angry Birds and Scooters are available for immediate dispatch with their additional FREE UK delivery. What about a favourite movie with its must-have action figure for a special birthday gift? Getting the perfect presents and joy for the little ones could not be easier! Plus, if you are not entirely sure what you are looking for… you have their awesome special-gifts section, displaying a number of rare and original products. Sure you find some inspiration in there for a special gift idea.

Real money-off deals. Getting a great product at bargain price always feels great. If you are always up for some good offer, you should really have a look at Zavvis’ Offers & Outlet sections. Grab yourself a bargain with the Outlet section. Find unbelievable deals on a huge range of products. Great deals across all the product categories… from broad range of cheap DVDs, blu-rays, and games to Women’s and Men’s clothing, and much, much more. No matter what you are looking for, make sure you check out the Outlet & Offers sections… it could be quite a solution if you are looking for a present!

Secure shopping. Zavvi employs industry-standard SL to provide secure credit card transactions. SSL is a communications protocol for transmitting private information over the internet. It works by encrypting data that is transmitted over the SSL connection. This means that when you place your order, your credit card info is encrypted and then sent over the internet using the SSL connection. No one can read or access the data that is being transmitted.

Easy returns. Usually products sold by Zavvi are great, but there is always a number of reasons for which you might need to return an item. Take their “absolute satisfaction” guarantee – you can return any unopened item within 14 days of the date of your receipt. They will refund your credit/debit card in full once they receive and process it – allow2 weeks from date of postage within the UK or 30 in the case of non-UK customers. Just contact them and they’ll send you a unique returns authorization number.

Placing your order at

Purchasing your goodies at Zavvi should not be great deal, whether you have experience in e-commerce or you are a beginner. As said, the store focuses on video games and awesome technology pieces.

But they also stock other ranges of cool products you can’t miss… so we do advice you to sit back, relax and take your time to browse the store… do it your own pace to discover your must-have deals! Games, Blu-Ray, DVD, Clothing, Sports, Metchandise, Technology, Toys, Gifts… the products are divided in a number of convenient categories, displayed in horizontal bar at the top of the screen.

Those, along with the convenient sub categories make the store quite easy to navigate. Find what you are after. Let’s say a bestselling Xbox One game. Click upon it to display further details. It usually includes a ful description, technical data, delivery information and even a trailer. Select quantity, and click the green “buy” button to add it to your cart. A pop-up screen will appear. You can either continue shopping or view your cart. In any case, when you are done and ready to place your order, do remember to check you go it all right and type your discount code. Go to checkout and confirm your order! Within a few days you will be enjoying it to your doorstep. Discount Codes Discount Codes are special codes which grant the lucky holders extra money-off deals upon Zavvi’s already bargain prices. Use Zavvis’ Discount Codes  to get from free premium delivery to money-off promotions upon certain product ranges or reductions in your total for a purchase store wide… there are different types. Some might be outdated as well, but some extra value to your purchase is worth the try, isn’t it? In the screenshot below we highlight the box where you need to type your voucher.

Zavvi discount codeSo, here we are. Zavvi is your magical online wonderland for home entertainment. Grab your Zavvi voucher code for an even bigger saving on the latest music CDs, games and movies. Zavvi does amazing prices on Blu-ray, DVD, video games and consumer technology. But also in men’s t-shirts, toys, sport gear and other gifts. Despite the store focuses on technology, they’ve found out their loyal customers do love the awesome ranges of other goodies they make available. Whether a bold sport player or a video-games freak, this is the store – for you and many like you! Click here to reveal your voucher today.

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The latest video games, consoles, DVD’s and Blu-rays, toys and high street fashion can be found on This is the perfect place for buying all kinds of entertainment and gifts at unbeatable prices. Click here to find great discounts for this online store.

About is an online retailer for a wide range of entertainment products, toys and fashion for all ages. You’ll find the best games for major consoles such as Xbox, Wii and PS3 or even your PC. There’s also a place for film and TV series lovers with a great choice of genres in films and shows with exclusive editions. For those interested in fashion, have a look at the great offers in clothing for men and women. That’s not all, because at you can also order toys for the little ones and the perfect gift for your loved one. A store that offers a lot for much less.

Benefits of

Great news! has Free standard UK delivery for all of their products. Other stores charge way too much in delivery, making it not worth to order their products. solves this problem by making their standard deliveries for free.

It’s impossible not find a film or tv show you’ve been looking for. Besides, you can pre-order shows, films and video games that haven’t been released yet and be the first one to have them when they’re available.

How to order on

Ordering on is easy, reliable and secure. Search for the products by browsing through the many categories on the top of the page or enter an item in quick search box. Once you find the product you’re interested in, add it to the basket. To place your order, click on checkout. You’ll need to enter a few details to continue with your order. Enter the delivery addres, choose the delivery option and payment method and submit your order. A confirmation will be sent to your email.

How to apply the discount codes on

The discount codes can be applied in the shopping basket, before the checkout. You’ll find a blank box where you can enter your code. You’ll enjoy immediate discounts and save some money in your orders. Apart from this, Zavvi has non-stop offers and promotions that help you with this. will keep you updated on the many stunning offers and discounts for ordering your video games, DVD’s and fashion on at the best price.

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Students, professionals, factory workers, hikers, mountaineers and business people around the world will enjoy Casio’s product features. Their hard working team is always striving to create products which take out the most of technology, of space, and of course, that meet the standards of set by international environmental laws. This is one of the main reasons why purchasing Casio products is highly recommendable. Being an international company, Casio must comply with multiple regulatory requirements, task which they indeed take seriously. Environment concerned customers can take it for granted that they are acquiring and using products which meet the most strict energy saving standards. Casios’ goal is to help build a more sustainable world while contributing to the creation of new markets and cultural phenomenon by developing compact, lightweight slim and energy-efficient products. A delight to use, a delight for your pocket and a delight for environment. Using their energy saving products means you need to invest less in powering them up and, of course, that you no longer need to worry about short term batteries. Ready to upgrade your lifestyle with Casio?


Casio Computer Co. is a multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo. Its products include calculators, mobile phones, cameras, musical instruments and watches. They were founded in 1946. Since their beginning, their goal has been providing new value to society via their technology. Casio’s fast, compact calculator tech greatly increased office computation efficiency. Then they provided individuals with their own personal calculators, making it easy for everyone to do math. This way they went on developing calculation devices with advanced functions, including technological and scientific calculators. In the video below you will watch an appealing summary of Casio’s tech outreach and product development approach. Like they state, it’s all about going from “0” to “1”, creating new value from nothing.

Of course, over the time the have produced many other groundbreaking products. Their electronic dictionaries provide a wealth of knowledge and make learning fun. Their watches have become a critical tool for planning people’s daily activities. Their musical instruments deliver the joy of playing music to people of all skill levels and their digital cameras make it easy for anyone to capture the unforgettable moments of life. Finally, Casio information systems have helped generate business innovation. Freeing up people’s mental space and inspiring creativity is the way Casio supports the intellectual ability of humankind.


Users of Casios’ ever-advancing core technologies experience a number of benefits which have a noticeable attaching power.

An unbeatable technology. Making the impossible possible.  Casio watches are a clear example of this. Using a Wireless communication function, Casio has created watches that alert wearers where there is an incoming call or e-mail on their smartphones. The watch can also be used to locate the Smartphone by making it ring. They do make the most of interactive communication and interoperability between devices. Their digital cameras with high speed shooting are another amazing example of their technological outreach. Those cameras exceed the capabilities of an SLR camera, enabling you to capture crucial moments, even those not visible to your eye.

Energy-saving products. Casio only creates products which smartly operate on very little power. Casio has reduced the time required for complex image processing in digital cameras, achieving both high performance and reduced power consumption. Splitting the processing between two CPUs, Casio built a multi-core engine that delivers high speed processing. Their electronic dictionaries are another example of their peak tech; those gadgets can operate for long periods of time on commonly available batteries, as well as rechargeable ones.

Only quality. Durable & enduring products. With Casio Products you’ll get a sense of security anywhere, at any time. Because Casio’s hard working and creative team do their best so that the product you buy absolutely meets the needs of most diverse usage environments. Casio handheld terminals are an example. They provide superior levels of toughness as well as outstanding water and dust resistance, withstanding drops from a height and use in dusty locations, wet weather conditions, low temperature and other challenging environments. On the same line, their mercury free Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source projectors are an icon of durability. They last for about 20,000 hour without deterioration in their image quality.

Compact, slim, lightweight tech products.  Casio integrates innovative electronics technology and a clever, elegant design. For example, Casio’s chronographs feature cutting-edge technologies such as solar-powered radio controlled capability and are getting ever more compact and slim. This is achieved through the optimal arrangement of an increasing number of parts needed for multiple functions in a limited space with Casio’s own high-density mounting technology. This lightweight tech is not limited to small devices: Casio’s digital pianos offer smart, functional beauty and are designed to be even more space-saving and lightweight… which makes of them to fit the best way in various interiors.

Easy of use tech. For everybody. Casio’s human-centered design concept employs universal design principles. This concept involves creating products that anyone can use safely and comfortably, regardless of their age, gender or ability. Focusing on features like handy portability and smooth key operation, Casio constantly works to make these products as easy to use as possible. Their human-centered tech concept also means that their different products interfaces are tailored for different users worldwide. For example, Casio calculators displays can be switched to the European format, featuring a decimal comma instead of a decimal point, or to Indian digit grouping, where there is a comma after the thousand position and then after every subsequent two digits. As said, Casio is for you, wherever you are.

Besides all the beauty inherent to Casio products, you will find shopping in CasioOnline store a pleasant experience. Their customer – friendly interface is designed to make the purchase process as easy and hassle free as possible. Their website is designed to offer a clear and nice overview of Casio’s product catalogue. Of course, they use safe encryption technology and all necessary precautions to make sure your purchase is absolutely secure and your data are safe. And if you have any questions or queries, their friendly, attentive team is always willing to attend you and provide any advice you might need, via e-mail or telephone. Do not hesitate to contact them, whether you have questions on a Casio product or you have issues with your order.


Take your time to browse through CasioOnline website’s different sections. Timepieces. Calculators. Musical Instruments. Label Products. Digital Cameras. Each category conveniently displayed in main page. You also have a search engine where you can type the full name of the product you’re looking for, in case you are pretty sure of what you need. Select your product. Click upon it for further info. Add it to your shopping basket. Visit your shopping cart when you are done and check everything is right. Enter your coupon code. Proceed to checkout. You can either checkout as a guest or register. If you register, your next purchase with Casio will be pretty faster – but checking out as guest is quite easy, anyway: just a few simple steps. Shipping address, shipping method, payment method and order confirmation. Enjoy Casio!


Casio coupon codes bring you the latest discounts in Casio’s specific product ranges. Purchase reliability, endurance and quality at best prices with Casio Online discount codes. Whether a specific deal in one product or a storewide reduction in your total, a few pennies les are always welcome! In the screenshot below we highlight the box where you should type your voucher to actually get the discount.

Ready to go? Pretty sure you’ve already had the chance to experience the efficiency of a Casio calculator, watch or last-tech gadget –like a convenient digital, paperless dictionary. We could give you tones of information on the beauty of Casio products, but you have the last word here. If you actually want to get a comprehensive vision of Casio and their product policy, we highly recommend to visit their website and take a look at their comprehensive catalogue. But click here to reveal your voucher code first!

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A wide and exceptional selection of consumer electronic products, ultra-competitive pricing, superior pre-sale and after sale customer attention, safe encryption technologies for your online orders, and a follow-up service, have made of T-mart a leading retailer. They continuously strive to be the best source of everything you might need. Not only electronics. They offer a superb range of products across a number of categories, including security, health and beauty, office and garden, kids & toys, hobbies, sports & outdoor, holiday& gifts, home essentials,  new releases… options are absolutely countless. With their FREE shipping promise and a superior customer service, at T-mart they are determined to exceed your expectations.

Plus, Tmart special deals section will be a total delight for savvy customers. Tmart team picks daily specials for them, across every category, including electronics, outdoor, houseold, computing… shopping had never been so appealing!


Tmart aims to be a leading e-marketplace in the B2C electronic products industry. They provide customers with a wide and better product selection, competitive prices, premium pre-sale and after sale services and an efficient e-procurement platform to streamline the purchasing process. enduringly pursued commitment is to “provide their customers with most innovative and efficient ways to search and purchase the highest quality products in the most cost effective way. In the video below Tmart shows you how to take advantage of the best online deals by using their coupon codes.

With a wide selection of products at extremely low prices, their worldwide customers place back their orders after experiencing their honest services. You get what you pay for, and get it within the estimated period (which, unfortunately, is a little longer for international shipping orders). Their long-term built relationship with many companies is the guarantee you will get broadest range of products at quite good prices. Cell phones, daily use electronics, LED flashlights, car accessories, phone accessories, PC & laptop accessories, gaming essentials, holiday gifts, security tech items and much, much more!


Lowest price promise. At Tmart they are so confident of the reasonable prices they offer their customers that they offer you the option to call them back two days after your purchase and inform them about lower prices in other websites for the same item. The difference will be returned!

A friendly team, willing to attend you. If you find any problem, need advice or require further information on any product, their responsive and professional customer service has always somebody ready to help you.

Safe shopping guarantee. Most internet websites promise security, but Tmart actually takes it quite seriously. guarantees a 100% safe online shopping in their website. Their secure server software (SSL) corresponds with the e-commerce industry’s standard and encrypts all your information when you enter the payment zone and place your purchase. They take fraud quite seriously, and make sure by every mean that no credit card phising occurs.

90 day money back. If your product purchased from Tmart is faulty, you don’t need it any more or wanted a different one… no problem! As they mention in their Return Policy, you have the absolute right to return it within a 90 day period and get a full refund. Shipping back charges are mostly on you. Plus, your refund will be shown in your account within 24 hours after they confirm the return, weekends and holidays excluded.

180 days product warranty. Each and every product you purchase from Tmart within 180 days since the shipping date will enjoy Tmart’s comprehensive product warranty. If product is faulty (excluding damages caused by incorrect usage), Tmart will repair the products for free or offer you a replacement. Of course, they want you happy, and if it turns out the product doesn’t work properly after this 180 day period, Tmart will still help you forward the item to manufacturers for repair… though in this case you’ll need to cover both shipping and reshipping fees.

Loyalty is rewarded. Tmart awards you loyalty points for each purchase. Also if you register, review or subscribe to any of their services (along with other great promotional campaigns). You can check them in your customer account. “Pending” pints can’t be used temporarily, while “active” points can be exchanged right away. Certain points will be deducted when customers require return or refund. Review points are immediately available for use.


Browse through the countless items across the different categories and take your time to choose those you need. Make yourself sure of your choice, click upon each product to display further product information. Click upon the “add to cart” button. You will be automatically redirected to your shopping cart. Either continue shopping or proceed to checkout. You can both log in with your customer account or use the quick checkout option. Both are equally safe. Do not forget to enter your coupon code!

TMART.COM COUPON CODES coupon codes are special codes which will get you juicy reductions both in your total and in your purchase storewide. Don’t miss any of them by visiting from time to time. In the screenshot below we highlight the box where you need to type your coupon code to actually get that reduction.

Tmart coupon codeTmart team is constantly striving to make it easy and your life simpler. They are the proud providers of a huge range of electronic products at very, very low prices. Find essential tech items, including chargers, digital photo frames, laser pointers, flashlights, cellphones, car accessories, cameras, game essentials and much more… at quite reasonable figures. Enjoy your shopping and take those goodies home for FREE wherever in the world you live. Click here to reveal your coupon code and get started today!

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UKHost4u is one of the UK’s leading website hosting companies. They offer a premium service for all your website needs. At UKHost4u they have a wide range of different website hosting packages, from small business hosting packages to singular website and big brands hosting packages. But they don’t just host websites: their name is synonym for a dedicated server, VPS services, cloud virtual servers and much more. If you don’t have a technical background, hosting your website can be a daunting task. They are aware of that, so they provide attentive support, to make sure anyone can use their services regardless their technical knowledge. With a professional web host, you don’t have to worry about down time for your website. They have a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, which means your site will always be live and able to reach your users.


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Multi-location diverse network. They have designed their network to take advantage of hosting within multiple countries and they currently have active networks in: England, Scotland, USA and Australia.


It could not be easier. Their website is designed to be accessible for people either with technical knowledge or without it. Take a look at their offer (the main of them are displayed in the home page, no location problems). Web hosting services, cloud VPS, website building… main features and characteristics for each of those will be carefully displayed when you click upon that of your interest. If you are new to this and feel a little confused, no worries: there is a convenient section including advice on which package to choose. There are different options on each kind of service; read their features and choose that you are interested in by clicking the “order now” button. You will need to indicate the extent you want your service for, and will be automatically redirected to the cart summary. Proceed to checkout without forgetting to type your voucher code first!

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Unlimited bandwith & mailboxes services, no retrictions on parked domain/subdomains and a host of additional extras, including an operative skilled hosting team monitoring each server and providing assistance around the clock. If you are actively looking for the next step beyond shared web hosting ask about their services… click to reveal the promotion code and contact UKHost4u team today!

Voucher codes & discounts for startling reductions and super-appealing  gifts with UK top electronic and technology solutions retailer. Whether you want to get it in-store or delivered to your door, use PCWorld online purchase service to get always the best deals. Whether it’s for professional or personal use, PCWorlds’ super large stock of products is bound to satisfy your needs. Join the lines of savvy satisfied customers today and use one of PC World’s coupon codes! Pickiest customers have top-rated PCWorlds services as e-retailer: home delivery at pre-arranged time slots, FREE standard delivery, and environment-friendly convenient services. Whatever is it you demand from your electronic products provider, is ready to satisfy you. Click here for a voucher and save in your purchase today!


PCWorld offers much more than home PC’S. They have huge ranges of TV’s, printers, tablets and data storage devices. With one of their PC world discount codes you can make great savings on the latest top quality brands. With more than 6500 products available, in stock and ready to purchase, from top names including LG, Western Digital, Sennheiser, Fuji and Nikon. Use your coupon code to get a bargain in any of those!


PC World is one of the United Kingdom’s largest retail chains of mass market computer superstores. It started its walk as company back in 1991, to become part of Dixons Retail plc in 1993. Many of their physical stores in the UK trade under the combined Curry PC World brand, as PC City in Italy.

Nowadays, PC World stores offer ranges of consumer-oriented PCs, laptops and peripherals, including DWG store’s own-brand Advent and PC line. PCWorld stores also have a “Componnt Centre” area, which contains more basic PC components, such as motherboards, hard drives and cases. They opened their first 2 in 1 megastore with Currys at Wandsworth Bridge, Fulham, on 29 October 2009, followed by Merry Hill Shopping Centre, Aintree, Teesside Park and Bridge of Dee (Aberdeen) in 2010. Currently they hold a large number of stores, spread across the UK, Ireland and Italy.


Price promise. At PCWorld they are aware of the fact that price and good value for money are decisive factors for most people to choose their products. That’s why they have set and spread an official statement: “we won’t be beaten on price”. At PC city they are proud to offer more than just great prices, but they never want price to be a reason for you to shop elsewhere. If you find other competitors (such as Argos, ASda, John Lewis or Texco) have the same product at the same price, PCworld matches it – up to seven days after purchase! This should not leave any doubt to you!

Super efficient shipping, including FREE delivery. With PCworld, delivery starts from FREE for all their products. You will be informed on the date of your delivery via email the night before they are due to arrive. Bear in mind that products delivered directly by the manufacturer are subject to their own terms. PC world’s standard delivery is a top rated one but, if you are in a hurry… never mind! They offer a next day delivery option in selected areas for a small fee. You need that stereo system, or your laptop accessories urgently? Stop worrying and visit for solutions! Plus, if you are too busy to be home and have nobody else to wait for the courier for you, you will be delighted to know that PC world has a specific service for you: now you can choose the time slot you want that plasma screen delivered and installed! Bear in mind that large items, such as screens over 39” arrive separately. So, if your order includes a mixture of small and large items, select the appropriate delivery option for each of them.

Tracking service, for your peace of mind. With PCWorld you can track your order online in their knowhow track it page, or via the courier specified in your confirmation email. All you need is your reference number (that you’ll find in your confirmation email), your post code and phone number.

Convenient order and collect in store. If you find it easier to buy your electrical goods in the PCWorld city near your house, we still recommend placing your order online –this way you make sure you don’t miss any of their awesome promotional & voucher codes! Now you have the convenience of both methods in one: you can order & pay it online and go collect it to your local store. Your product will be sent from their warehouse to the store and will be available to collect from 5pm on your chosen day of delivery.

They support environment-active practices. Recycling unwanted electrical products is better for environment. Lead and other toxins contained in electrical goods cause soil and water contamination, which can have a very harmful effect on wildlife and human health. Most of the electrical products people throw away are recyclable or fixable, and at PCWorld they are aware of that. Take part of their environmental-supporting practices too! Unlike other retailers, PCWorld takes away their old product for free recycling, along with any packaging, when they deliver your new one. You can also bring them any unwanted electrical item by placing it in your nearest Currys or PC World store for free, even if you haven’t bought it from them! Recycling you are helping to save natural resources and helping reduce environmental and health risks. This is quite an argument for environment-concerned customers to choose a retailer like PCworld. Free recycling, both at home and in-store!

Friendly & professional installation service! PCworld delivers and installs your new product on the same day, at a time to wuit, 7 days a week in most areas. Their kono-how team are all experts at installing large screen TVs. What’s more, unlike other retailers, they not only install your product, they disconnect and take away your old one for free. Plus, they take the packaging and other waste products away too! Efficient installation service 7 days a week by expert installers nationwide: isn’t it brilliant?


Take your time to browse through PCWorld different sections. Their carefully-arranged, customer-friendly interface will make of your purchasing process a delight. Their catalogue is arranged in different categories (desktops, laptops, iPad & tablets, software solutions, Accessories, Network& Storage) to help you make a most accurate search. You know what you need, you find it. And if you don’t, sure you’ll find inspiration in their carefully sorted catalogue, with HQ pics and detailed descriptions. Choose the items to be delivered and sign in (or create a new account). Once logged in, select your preferred delivery option and payment method by following on-screen instructions. Your order will be confirmed and your product delivered to you within timescale of your chosen delivery service.


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PC world is with difference UK’s favorite computer store, selling all manner of computers, computer components and lots of other items with a plug and battery. Despite having raised some criticism in the past years for their online stock availability not being reflected accurately in-store, they still remain popular and have been nominated for Best Retailer Awards several times. Take advantage of their infinite stock of top brands + own label products and purchase your electrical goods today with a trusted top rated retailer!

Coupon codes & vouchers to get your essential latest tech & electronic goods at reduced prices with Enjoy the quality and customer focused service of a top-rated customer-awarded UK online retailer. With more than 5000 daily sales and an extensive market experience, services won’t leave you indifferent. Take advantage of their voucher coupons & discounts and purchase that super last-trend smart TV or laptop today. guarantees an immediate customer attention and a fast & efficient delivery at reasonable prices. Whether you need your goods right away or are ok about waiting a few days, has the delivery solution for you!

DabsLaptops, computing essentials, smartphones, software accessories, gaming gadgets, cameras & camcorders… stocks a catalogue of thousands of products across hundreds of different models from first line brands. Whatever your tech need is you can trust has the solution for it, along with the best quality in the market, a reasonable price and an exquisite service. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? Give them a try! Use your coupon code to get the hottest deals!

ABOUT DABS.COM is one of the UK’s largest internet retailers of IT and technology products. (from 1987- 90 Dabs Press) was founded in Bolton by David Atherton and Bruce Smith in 1989; Dabs is an acronym of the initials of the founders’ names. It has subsequently grown to employ more than 200 people, processing a total amount of more than 5000 daily transactions.

The IT and technology world has progressed in astounding leaps and bounds, over the past twenty years and, having started the company in 1990 with the faintest rumblings of the great Silicon Valley revolution on the horizon, Dabs had to continuously adapt to growing demand and never-ending technological advances. However, with the evolving technology, Dabs was provided with new ways to provide excellent customer service and the latest products at competitive prices. has now collected a multitude of high profile awards over the years for both its outstanding online retailing, as well as its exemplary overall business performance. Some of the awards that they are most proud of include the”what Laptop!”, “PC pro” and “computeractive” magazine awards for “Best Online Retailer” as well as always appearing on Hitwise’s Top 10 website awards.

Serving their UK customers from their office near Bolton, Dabs team is committed to providing you with the best possible service. And we are sure they are doing it right, for they can boast of over a million visits per month, more than 85,000 likes on their facebook pages and more than 90% of their customers recommending their website. Want to join the lines of satisfied customers?


Multi-award winning retailer. Purchase at for the peace of mind you’re acquiring your products from a Top Ten Shop, so awarded by the industry body and one of the most popular online stores for computing products in the UK. Dabs,com is the best choice for whatever your technology needs are.

One-stop store for electronics. As well as computing related products, covers a whole lot more consumer electronics from HD TVs and HD CamCorders to Digital Cameras, BluRay and DVD Players. They also stock gaming peripherals, such as Joysticks and Gamepads to get total control in your games. For travelling they have a broad range of GPS devices from first line brands, sucha as Garmin, Sat Navs and Tom Tom. Whether you want to buy a laptop, the latest smart TV or any other electronics, is your trusted option.

Exemplary security. is aware of the essential importance the confidentiality of your personal and payment data has, for which uses the best in safety technology to protect yours while buying online.

Products from leading manufacturers. At site you’ll find a wide range of computers from most of the leading manufacturers, including Apple, HP and Lenovo, with everything from compact laptops and netbooks to powerful gaming PCs.

Your place for storage solutions. Dabs offers a wide range of internal, external and network based storage solutions such as USB memories, SSD hard drives, USB, Esata external hard drives and NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Cheap deals storewide! Find lots of get-it-now promotions  and deals on a wide range of computers and electronics,  with home delivery. From as little as 99p you can get anything you order, big or small, delivered to your door.

Broad range of networking essentials. Whether you need home or office based networking products, stocks a broad range of networking essentials from wireless routers, switehcs as well as many office and printing products with laser printers and inkjet printers, projectors and conferencing equipment, as well as Media Streaming devices to play music and videos throughout your home.

Efficient shipping service. whether you need your products urgently or are happy to wait a few days, at they’ve got a delivery option for you. With a wide range of delivery options at quite reasonable prices, from next day delivery to Saturday and economy 1-3 days service, at they are confident you’ll find a service that suits you and your lifestyle.

PURCHASING AT DABS.COM online store is designed to make of your purchase a fast, easy & intuitive process.  With six principal categories (computing, components & storage, networking, print & conferencing, sound & vision, cables & adaptators) you will have it quite easy to sort your selection and find the product you’re after. In the “home” tab you’ll find a couple of handy options (shop by brand, daily deals, the clearance corner and used stock). Take your time to navigate through different sections and take note of their last minute deals. Select your products and click the “add” button to include them in your shopping basket. Click the shopping basket button in the upper right corner when you’re done shopping and proceed to checkout. You only need to log in with your Dabs customer account (or create yours in one simple step) and confirm your delivery and payment information. Don’t forget to type your coupon code before finishing!


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Professional quality tech devices are waiting for you at, the professionals-focused branch of the Pixmania Group. High quality digital cameras & different optical tech accessories, computing essentials (including the latest technology in laptops and tablets), the newest digital & smart televisions, HiFi Sistems which will make of your living room a personal cinema… you will find all of this and much, much more at Whether you want to treat yourself with some new tech gadget or you need to upgrade your home electronic or tech essentials, you will indeed find is your online store. Plus, bear in mind that Pixmania might be your one-stop website for many other essentials (such as small home appliances and baby care products).

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Pixmania-Pro is part of the Pixmania Group and was created back in 2004 to provide businesses and professionals with consumer electronic devices, IT equipment and office supplies tailored to fit their needs.  Growing ever since it was first established, Pixmania-pro has grown to become what it is today, a nº 1 website for freelancers, small and medium sized business, resellers and some of the biggest companies in Europe.

Besides their supplying companies with latest tech activity, PixmaniaPro also offers a dropshipping service that allows professionals to sell products from Pixmania-pro on their own websites, with direct delivery to end customers across Europe.


Here are a few reasons to do business with PIXMANIA PRO, though their business customers statement of satisfaction is the best guarantee you will find about PixmaniaPro as B2B and B2C website.

Great deals. Find reduced prices and the latest trends on their special page for deals: clearances, last-minute deals, company gifts, latest releases and top deals… whether you need office equipment, company gifts, or are looking to resell, you’ll find what you need in their range of electronics. Digital cameras, LED, Plasma screens, laptops, MP3 players …. All their great deals are in stock and ready to be delivered directly to the end customer thanks to their dropshipment service.

3 to 5 years extended warranties. Buy your products with complete peace of mind on PIXmania-PRO! Enjoy your product for longer and let PIXmania-PRO take care of the rest.

Over 45.000 references available in stock including the biggest makes. Pixmania-pro benefits from the synergy and purchasing power of the fotovista group and DSG international to offer a catalogue of over 45,000 different stock references. Partnering with nearly 300 great brands, their catalogue covers all the needs of your company with products ranging from high tech electronics, entertainment, domestic appliances and office equipment.

Prices for Professionals! Their team of buyers negotiates daily the best products at the lowest price on the market. You can access a free quotation service. Simple, fast and without commitment! Discover their discounts program today!

A personal account which you can fully manage. Create quotes, track orders, manage and edit your invoices.

A team to help you at every step! Customer services are available to assist you in your daily purchases. Trained in business transactions, they will help you find the solutions which best fit your needs.

Excellent facilities for payment. You can checkout either by debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, maestro, American Express) or by PayPal. Your order will be available as soon as payment is received.

Great shipping service. Choose from three delivery methods: standard, express or pallet. Orders will be prepared and delivered according to your own instructions. Take advantage of their express next-day delivery service!

After sales service and guarantee. Pixmania makes of your job smooth sailing if you are a reseller: with their unique service you don’t have the difficulties of dealing with stock or delivering the package, for they deliver directly to your final customer. Rest assured that delivery from your account is sent with complete transparency.

Presence in all major European countries.  They support your projects on every frontier!


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Whether you are a computer geek, a last tech gadgets freak or simply are looking for some random tech device, Pixmania is your online store. is the online branch of a tech & electronic products retailer, with an extensive experience which they use to offer you the best selection of products, and help you make most accurate choices.  Click here to get your discount now!


At you will find all the categories of products available in a regular technology retailer and much more: cameras & accessories, a varied range of televisions, computing & tablets…. To sum up, a one-stop online technology store. Take advantage of their exquisite customer service and make your first purchase with them. Their always on time delivery service won’t disappoint you! Plus, remember you will find available a great selection of the markets’ top notch brand, always at excellent prices! (Quite better than those of other online competitors or the ones in brick n mortar stores!). A smart TV, the latest smartphones, latest tech tablets & laptops… get inspired with their cool collections, make your life easier with Pixmania! Take advantage of their hot deals & special offers sections… make your purchase today with promotional codes!


Created in 2000, Pixmania is an e-commerce pioneer that has been at your service for the past 13 years… and counting! It promotes a huge range of products, including consumer electronics, and baby products, with sales totaling over 1,041,440,000$. Their products are both available in their website ( and in brick-and-mortar retail stores in 26 countries all over Europe.

The Pixmania group has its roots in the Rosenblum family business; les laboratories parisiens. Originally the group consisted of the school photography Studio National, and a media distribution service, Press Labo Service. When the company management moved on to the next generation, Pixmania became an online retailer selling camera and photography equipment. As they expanded, Pixmania was renamed Fotovista, but reverted to its previous name back in 2009.


You will find there is a number of reasons which make of Pixmania a great selection for your electronic and tech devices purchase. We outline some of them bellow.

High value brands at awesome prices.  Thanks to their close relationship with suppliers and partner sellers, Pixmania offers customers a huge choice of high-quality of new and used products at super affordable prices.

Efficient shipping. They have a fast, always-on-time delivery service to ensure you receive your order on time. Plus, their high stock availability means that Pixmania can dispatch their products and orders immediately. An advanced logistic system to make of your purchase an excellent experience, delivering your package at the time and place that better suit you.

Payments are safe! Their bank’s secure server with SSL technology for data encryption ensures transactions and data are kept totally secure for credit and debit card payments. This type of payment method is the fastest and easiest way to pay for orders (but they accept other payment methods you might prefer).

Order tracking, for your peace of mind.  Yeah, you only need in to your Pix & Me account to track the status of your order in real time. You will also receive emails at each step of the delivery process, from picking & packing to shipping.

Awesome customer service. You will be their teams’ attention focus! Their customer advisors are on hand to take your order and answer any questions you might have, from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5pm.  Don’t hesitate to ask cuestions and send them comments. They evaluate continuously their clients satisfaction through surveys.

Pixmania rewards loyal customers. Join their loyalty scheme and enjoy all the advantages of the VIPix Club! With free budget delivery, 50% off fast delivery and exclusive discounts on hundreds of products all year round, VIPix certainly get the VIP treatment on Pixmania!

Not happy? Your money back. They offer a 15 day cooling off period. If you are not completely satisfied with your products, send them back… no questions asked!


Add the products you’ve selected to the shopping basket, and follow a few simple steps to finalise your order. You can place your orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Log in. if it is your first order, you’ll be asked to create a user profile by entering your e-mail address and filling in a short registration form. Check that you enter your e-mail address correctly, for that’s where they’ll send you important information and notifications. If you are a returning customer, simply log in and click upon “countinue” to proceed with your order.

Delivery.  Select your delivery method from the options available. Delivery times displayed are calculated from the time carrier receives your package.

Summary.  Check your order carefully on the  order summary page, including the product optional services & delivery method. You can still modify product qualities, and delivery address. You can also enter your promotional code.

For payment you will be offered several methods to choose from, depending on the delivery model selected.

Once you confirm your order will be successfully placed and you can print out your order confirmation. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail containing your order reference number.


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ABOUT AVIRA is a leading German security specialist, with solid experience in the development and support of security solutions. Avira primarily offers professional solutions for cross-system protection of networks on various levels. These include products for workstations, file, mail and web servers. In addition to the management products of the individual solutions, security programs for PDAs, smartphones and embedded devices are also offered. Their clients include renowned international corporations, educational institutions and public clients. Avira free antivirus, used by millions of private users, represents a significant contribution to security.

Located in Tettnang, near Lake Constance, Avira is one of the biggest regional enterprises. The company has several locations in Germany and partnerships in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Dozens of researchers in various virus labs attend to local global malware threats around the clock. Their efforts have been acknowledged with numerous awards, including virus bulletin’s VB 100 and the Advanced + rating from AV Comparatives.

Besides intelligent technologies, Avira offers solution-oriented advice and individual support from their own experts. Protection of users with Avira Free Antivirus represents a significant contribution to security and a further additional firewall for corporate networks.

The efficiency and core competencies of the company are underlined by dozens of awards and certifications. Security solutions from Avira are in demand worldwide and immediately available locally via trained, authorized partners.

Avira constantly adapts to the changing security requirements of its users. For example, Avira created one of the world’s first ever products with dialer detection. This dialer detection was very quickly followed by the detection and removal of adware and spyware. Current developments in this field include the detection of already active rootkits. The introduction of a firewall and behavior blockers was a matter of course. In-house development also fosters the development of various special scanning technologies (for PDAs, handhelds and embedded devices).

Questions? Looking for information? Avira is at your service! Watch their Video tutorials or search their knowledge base.


Avira is always there to support you. Your Avira antivirus protection is always by your side. If you ever need help, Avira Customer Service is there for you too.

Excellent free options! Besides Avira top notch paid antivirus suites, at you will find a few free solutions, such as Avira Free Antivirus, Avira Online Essentials (which enables you to manage all your devices from any web browser) or Avira Answers (a thriving community of technical professionals and part-time experts, working together to solve your tech problems, one answer at a time).

Customer-friendly interface. Aviras’ official website interface will allow you to compare and find the products, and choosing the one which best fits your needs.

The best free & paid antivirus out there! But don’t take their word for it! AV-Comparatives, an independent testing Lab, ranked Aviras’ detection as the best in the industry among both single and multiple engine products.

You want your stuff safe. Avira Free Antivirus is an award-winning product that provides comprehensive protection against all types of threats, secures your data, protects your privacy and ensures your PC remains virus-free.

Cleans up almost anything! Avira antivirus detects 99.99% of malware. Cloud-based scanning for unparalleled security and lightning fast performance.

Enhanced security always. Everytime you upgrade Avira, you get enhanced security and premium features, including protection of identity against credit card theft, protection from email-borne threats and free support from a team of dedicated experts.

Top- rated for Protection and Usability.  Avira products’ performance and convenience are confirmed by a 6 out of 6 rating from independent testing organization AV-Test.

Long term protection. The Avira products are being developed and maintained with a long term view. This approach provides their business customers security for their investment and planning that all businesses require.

Support solidarity. In addition to protecting the virtual environment, Avira supports the Auerbach Foundation, which promotes charitable and social projects as well as the arts, culture and science.


Take advantage of made in Germany Avira security and hire your product now. Visit Avira Official Store, compare and find the best product for you! PC protection, performance or both? Explore their products and conditions and choose the one for you! The rest is a piece of cake: Click the “buy” button, choose the duration of your protection (1, 2 or 3 years) and you’ll be automatically redirected to checkout screen. Enter your coupon code and proceed to checkout!


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