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thetowelshopFocused in the trade of bed & bath clothing, they supply everything you might require, whether home or work place essentials. If you are the facilities manager at any institution, or you just need to supply your business with bedding and towel essentials, they will make your job much easier, sparing you time for other duties. Duvets and sheets can be complemented by all the extras in order to make a complete set; with cheap wholesale linens and pillows. Do not hesitate and try their efficiency now… purchase your bedding essentials, or refresh your bathroom towel sets… there is nothing like the envelope of a fresh brand new fluffy towel after a warm shower! Click here to get your coupon now!


The Towel Shop is their website for retail customers. The Towel Shop are importers and manufacturers of home textiles. They are suppliers to wholesalers and retailers, along with laundries, nursing homes, care homes, hotels and many other institutions. Their selection of products can be divided into four main ranges: Towels (white contract towels, plain dyed, decorative, mats, bath robes, and other ranges), bedding and bed linen (duvets and pillows , mattress, flat, fitted valance & base valance sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases), protective bedding & curtains and table linen (both in cotton and polyester).

They also provide bespoke bed linen, curtains, towels, bathrobes and slippers with company name/logo. They claim to offer high quality products at really competitive prices.


Top notch quality. products will not disappoint the pickiest customers. Both materials & design have been carefully chosen, the sort of item you would find in a 5 star accommodation, and the kind of thing that makes your houseguests and your family enjoy spending time in your home.

They design to satisfy your expectations. Besides doing things big (like wholesaling to big institutions who need bedding), thetowelshop designs their products aiming to met the most varied needs. For example, in their pillow selection you’ll find flame retardant, waterproof pillows, easy care pillows, firm support vs shape pillows, anti allergies, bounce back pillows and jumbo sized ones. Never mind what your special need is, you will find a solution at the towellshop!

Wholesale retailers. Besides selling to individual customers, caters to hotels and many other institutions, supplying high quality towels all in 100% quality cotton.

Products suitable for most varied environments. Towels & bed clothing that are well suited to private homes are also perfect for guest houses and bed & breakfasts. They are experts in the supply of wholesale towels and selling towels in bulk, and can easily adapt orders to suit business customers.

Hotels & beauty centers can rely on them! That’s right, within their towel range there is also a selection aimed specifically at hotels, health and beauty centers and institutions. You should bear that in mind as individual customer, and take advantage of that first line quality.

Your well being matters! Thetowelshop is aware that their products are directly related to your well being. For example, if you ever have slept on a uncomfortable pillow, like most of us have, you will know how important a good pillow is. A good night’s sleep turns essential to our wellbeing. The same applies to other products directly related with your body care, such as the towels or your blankets.

Comfortable & trendy. Some products, like their huge pillows are trend. They can be used just for extra luxury in your bed, or elsewhere in the house, such as the living room to lounge around on watching movies or chatting with your friends and family.


Take your time visiting the website different sections and select what you need. When you see a product you are interested in, click upon it for larger pictures and more details. You can choose the kind of pack and the amount you want delivered. Click the “add to basket” button, which will automatically redirect you to the shopping cart screen. Once here you can proceed to checkout, but do not forget to type your coupon code first!

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