is a cheap hotel search grouping dozens of major onlines travel agencies, hotel chains and reservation centers around the world, so that when you search for hotel availability in any location or destination of the world that ‘re interested in travel and hotel reservation therefore, when you compare all the vendors and tell you which one is the cheapest of them all.

In this way the user of a vibrant future client and agency has valuable information to know what the sleeping accommodation cheapest among all online travel agencies that offer the opportunity to book hotel through Internet.

Something to keep in mind is that the information provided to customers Trivago usually on single and regimes basic accommodation, so if the customer wants something more advanced is highly advisable to visit the websites of online travel agencies.

Trivago is an useful filter to search after more concrete information before booking hotel online.

It is also quite important not only look at the price and take into account other factors before making hotel reservations in the travel agency chosen Entries valuing things like hotel where we will stay, the valuation that customers that agency has given the hotel or in reference to the travel agency, see if it is easy to make the purchase, if the payment methods are simple (credit card, bank transfer, paypal, payment on site), see if must perform some type of prepayment or against no need to pay anything to leave hotel to reserve online and thus ensuring the square before traveling to the selected destination.

In addition to assessing this information on our own, before booking the holiday in one or another of the online travel agencies that we go on the list of available Trivago among which we can find many for which we have discount coupons, promo codes and discount codes as are,,, Opodo,,,, Edreams,,, Destinia Booking . among other com … reckon we observe that also provides an opportunity through their guidebooks to learn a little more about the environment and the hotels in which we want to stay, thanks to the comments and recommendations to other users on your page web have created over the years that the site is active and which are of great interest when we do not know exactly how the destination you want to travel.

Trivago has become very popular in Spain in recent years thanks to their TV advertising campaigns on Google AdWords advertising, sponsorships and travel blogs on YouTube Promoted Videos. Trivago is a company originating in Germany, which has experienced a rapid expansion of its business model to other countries like Spain, Portugal, UK, etc, etc. The website trivago for Spanish is accessible through various media such as laptops, desktop computers, ipad or end phones like iphone and android smartphone. Its business model is to compare the prices of hotels through the feed or xml catalogs online travel agencies and reservation centers provide. So that nobody has usually offers the cheapest price of all the agencies that are in your metasearch, who have previously signed an advertising contract with Trivago. That is, do not go all the landmarks of online agencies, only those having signed advertising contract. This contract is for Trivago sends traffic to a certain cost per click to the pages of the tabs in the hotels or in the localities of travel agencies or to some partner agencies are premium in exchange for a commission on sales. So you can not make hotel reservations directly Trivago but always redirects you to the pages of the hotels. This is because they are as an advertising medium, not an online travel agency, as many people think there will actually be able to book.

However, unlike other trivago hotel metasearch as,, or offers neither its search technology or product to other web pages so they can enroll them and share benefits of advertising per click or commissions, as appropriate. Faced with all these metasearch engines that were its most direct competition in Spain in recent months also reckon that compete with Google Hotel Finder, the technological challenge of Google to search for hotels on the internet.

Finally, once you have your hotel accommodation will be interesting to you to make your reservations for car rental, travel guides and many of the choices you have to hire services for the enjoyment of your stay in some of the stores that we recommend in our section Travel, Know them all and take advantage of our discounts on them to book your holiday even cheaper thanks to