Availability of event tickets is often a problem for event beholders, whether it comes to concerts, theatre plays, football matches or music festivals. First, because many entertainment & sport names sell tickets only at box office. Imagine you are in the UK and wish to attend to a Bayern football match held in Nurnberg. Official website online tickets are over and you certainly don’t want to fly to Germany ticketless, taking the risk there aren’t tickets left in box office either. is most likely your solution!

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Viagogo is the world’s largest online ticket marketplace to buy and sell live event tickets. The company offers its service to customers in 50 countries. It started its walk back in 2006 in London, founded by Eric Baker. It was established to provide a secure online ticket marketplace that allows consumers to buy and sell tickets to sports, music, theatre and comedy events. Their success stems in the fact that Viagogo is designed to give customers access to tickets that were often difficult to get hold of, in particular where events are sold out at the box office. Viagogo’s business is founded on the principle of consumer protection: “buyers are guaranteed to get the tickets they pay for in the time for the event”.

Viagogo now partners with nearly 100 of the biggest names in sport and entertainment in the world, including Premier League teams Manchester City FC and Chelsea FC, Bundesliga club Bayern Munich FC, Paris Saint-Germain, the Roland Garros French Open and several European music festivals.


By getting tickets to your favorite events through an official marketplace like, you can take it for granted that your ticket is 100% genuine. No tricks, no scams, no cheats. You get your ticket and they get the money only when you have already attended that event.

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Options for all audiences! From ballet to classical Disney theatre plays, from the most mythical football, soccer and tennis matches to most crowded & popular music festivals, is the ticket marketplace for such a wide range of entertainment events that you are bound to find what you are looking for.

You get what you pay for! As previously mentioned, you can actually trust the Viagogo no scams promise. They do make sure you have received your ticket and attended to that event before paying the seller. Viagogo makes sure that ticket is what you paid for before sending it to you!

Secure payment. To make sure you get what you pay for, doesn’t pay the seller until you’ve been to the event. And for buyer’s peace of mind, they use PayPal and other secure payment technologies, always making sure to protect their personal & payment data.

Customer friendly website. As you will soon notice, website is designed to help you making a fast, easy and hassle-free ticket purchase. Thousands of entertainment events conveniently distributed across a number of handy categories (concert tickets, sport tickets, arts and theatre tickets, festivals, etc.).


You only need to use the browser to find the event for which you need tickets. The most outstanding are featured in the home page, but if yours is not displayed you’ll for sure locate it in the categories menu. Once you display it, you’ll normally find a number of ticket options with different conditions and prices. Choose that which better fits your needs by just clicking the “buy” button. Log in with your account (or create one in a few simple steps) and proceed to checkout process. Once you finish, an e-mail will get to your account confirming your purchase. Easy, isn’t it?


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Want tickets for a concert or a football match? Want to see a play or musical at London’s West End? But have no time to buy them at the box office? Viagogo is the website you need. It is an online marketplace for buying and selling tickets to live events. Any event you’re looking for, it’s guaranteed you’ll find your ticket here. It has been working since 2006, and has been so because it’s one of the most secure and easy sites to buy or resell your tickets. Viagogo guarantees that you’ll always receive valid tickets in time for the event, that your tickets will be delivered electronically or by secure courier and that they won’t pay the seller until you’ve been to the event.

At events are divided into Concert Tickets, Sports Tickets, Arts and Theatre Tickets, to make your search quickly and easily. There’s also available a VIP Service to have exclusive tickets for the most important events. Have you found your ticket? Brilliant!

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Select your ticket according to the price and location of your seat. Enter your contact information and the details for receiving your tickets. Some events may only have Etickets, others will be sent to your address, but be sure they’ll be delivered safely. Then, at the payment step, you’ll have a brief summary of the tickets you’re about to buy. It is time when you can enter your discount voucher. To apply your discount from, click here.

There are two main payment methods, by Credit card, with several kinds (Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express, Visa Debit) or through your eWallet with Paypal. Place your order and finally confirm your purchase. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy your tickets at the best prices with!