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From Birmingham to Chester, from Liverpool to London, virgin Trains cover up hundreds of destinations within the UK territory. Whether you are traveling to see some dear one, on holidays back from college or on business, you’ll enjoy a most comfy trip, the attention of a most willing team and an always-on-time service. And now their service is even greater with their special group discounts (group is three or more of you – you don’t need to be a crowd to get it!) and their special Nectar Points plan. It’s quite an appealing option, believe us. Book your tickets without booking fee today and enjoy your trip!


Virgin Trains are totally committed to giving you the high quality service you deserve. This includes punctual, reliable trains, clean & safe trains and stations, a devoted customer service & a team willing to make you most comfy, refreshments on most trains… and above all, making sure you get what you pay for. If you reserve a seat, you get a seat… simple but pretty important. Click here to reveal your code!

About Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains is a main UK upon-rails passenger transportation company. Whatever your destination is, you’ll enjoy the faster, greener and most comfortable journey if you head there with them.

The company has been speeding all over the country for more than 15 years in their Super Voyager and Pendolio trains. They’ve learned quite a deal along the way, making of them one of Britain’s most experienced train companies. And they don’t mean to slow down. If you want to get there happy and refreshed… just hop on and get comfy! They can’t  wait to attend you.

Virgin Trains wants more people to take the train, where it’s possible, rather than plane or car. They do believe rail transport is good for business, good for the planet and good for the people who live on it. This is why Virgin Trains is involved in a number of pro-green-transportation programs and activities, including Stoke-on-Trent station – which was chosen to be one of the pilots in a national Station Travel Plan (STP) project. Always striving to improve the means to help environment, they’ve been promoting a range of travel options to grant greater accessibility and reduce traffic. This involves the promotion of walking, cycling, public transport, car clubs and car sharing as alternatives to single occupancy car use. Choose virgin trains, and support environment as well!

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Top reasons to travel with Virgin Trains

A fine on-board experience. Virgin Trains were the first train operating company to introduce Fairtrade drinks on all trains and stations. And in 2009 they launched their Sustainable First Class offer, featuring British produce as the cornerstone of the menu. They use free range poultry, eggs, outdoor reared meat and sustainable fish stock approved by the Marine Conservation Society. In fact, they’ve been recognized by Compassion In World Farming, who awarded them with their Good EGG, Good Chicken and Good Pig awards. Other prestigious associations, like RSPCA and MIDAS have also awarded Virgin Trains menu concept.

Travel safe and secure. Safety and security are absolute priorities for Virgin Trains. Their Safety Plan is published on an annual basis and made available to everyone. Their targets and commitments cover a wide range of areas where they have an opportunity to improve their safety arrangements. Incidents hardly ever happen and when they do, their hard working team takes them as lessons to avoid repetition

Security is a priority. Virgin trains targets security as a priority issue for both staff and customers. In fact, they have a ‘Violence at work’ policy which focuses attention on security risks and how we control those risks. It also acts as a means of engaging all employees on issues of violence at work. They are currently running a number of operations to make car parks and other station facilities safer, and focusing with increasing attention on terrorism risks.

It’s a greener way to travel. Climate change is possibly the greatest global issue we face. And with all companies, Virgin Trains has a role to play. They want to make that role as big as we can, focusing on increasing their efficiency. Though their waste management is already good, they are aware there’s always room for improvement. Generally speaking, trains are a lower carbon form of travel than cars or planes, though there are different footprints for different services. A successful service can help to reduce internal flights, traffic and carbon emissions. That’s why Virgin trains wants to make train transport more accessible and better, to get more people to use trains. Meanwhile, they keep working to reduce their environmental impact. They have a history of positive environmental innovation, and were the first train operator to introduce regenerative braking to the UK, and to run bio fuel passenger trains within the UK too. And their promise is to maintain the focus in such innovations as they move forward. Put your bit to environment by choosing their trains!

Virgin Trains looks after community. Railways join communities. They give people a safe and sustainable mean to see their friends and families, visit places, do business, go shopping… and Virgin Trains wants to offer this to everyone. They focus on offering easily accessible, value-for-money tickets. They were the first to offer internet bookings and have improved their website to make purchases even easier. Choose them for an unparalleled service!

They support charities. Along with CLIC Sargent, Virgin Trains people came together to raise 500,000, which has gone towards the care for children and young people with cancer and leukaemia. Click Sargent provides clinical, practical, financial and emotional support with the aim to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatments. They support Virgin United’s aim of “givin cash, giving time and giving stuff”. This might include ‘giving cash’ through payroll giving and fundraising, ‘giving time’ through team builds and volunteering opportunities and ‘giving stuff’ through donating items to charitable causes.

The appealing Nectar Points program. Virgin Trains wants to reward your loyalty. Now you can collect Nectar points at 125 mph and make travelling with them more rewarding than ever. Just check their nectar points web site for further info – there are trainloads of brilliant ideas to spend your tickets. Days out, entertainment, home & garden. Book your train trip at and they’ll give you 2 points for every £1 you spend on tickets – even if only part of your journey is taken on Virgin Trains. Right now they are on promotion, which means you collect double points for every pound you spend. Hurry up and book today!

Booking your tickets with Virgin Trains

It’s quite a piece of cake. Choose your origin and destination stations. Indicate day and time out – and return date and time, if you so require. Indicate number of passengers, and click the get times and tickets button. Timetables and fees will be displayed. Take your pick (time out, standard, or first class). A journey summary with your total will be displayed. Click ‘next’. There are just 4 steps more. Indicate your seat preferences, choose your seats, get your tickets, indicate your payment information and confirm your booking. You’ll need to log in with your customer account – or create it if you don’t have one. Don’t worry, it’s quick and painless! and don’t forget to type your promo code right before payment screen! Promo Codes

Virgin trains discount codes are a great way to get reduced fares in your railway trip to England. Just copy, paste and redeem yours right before checkout. Right now we haven’t got screenshots of the payment screen or the exact box where you need to type it, but we are working to get them and make it easier for you.

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Virgin Trains is aware that you travel with them not just for the journey but because you need to go somewhere to do something or to meet someone. Wherever you want to be, they’ll get you there on time and in comfort, leaving you feeling refreshed on arrival. Let’s face it, traveling with Virgin Trains is faster than car and easier than plane. Just relax, put your feet up and watch the world go by. Click here to get your code today!

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About Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains is one of the most experienced train companies in Britain offering fast and affordable rail travel all over the UK. It is in fact UK’s most popular long-distance train operator, having newly hit the 30 million customer journey mark for 2011. Well-known for its super-fast service it connects the UK’s mayor cities: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow en Edinburgh. Save on your next journey and book using one of our Virgin Trains discount codes. With one of our Virgin Trains promo codes, you can save up money on your tickets to all the destinations desired. Grab a free coupon and activated in the gap!

Benefits of booking on

You can always join the Traveller club! This club has a number of complimentary benefits every time you wish to travel, including free First Class travel at weekends, special priority seating, priority parking options and other privileges you can see at the website.

The website also shows you many ways to save money. For example the further in advance you book at, the more you save (up to 3 months). They also advise you to travel off-peak to find a cheaper ticket. In conclusion, the site is designed to make your train travel the most comfortable and low-priced possible. We also remind you that you can redeem the promo codes for extra savings.

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How to book on

Booking on is very intuitive and secure. Complete the search box at the home page: your destination dates and, of course, enter the promo code to avail of added discounts in your train reservations. Then you’ll be given a list of prices and schedules. Once you have selected the ticket enter your card details, via credit or debit card and book. You’ll receive an email confirmation to your inbox.