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Gardening is for Everyone! That’s what YouGarden’s philosophy boils down to. That’s right, you do not even need a garden to get growing. Many of our plants can be grown on balconies, small patios and decking, so you can catch the growin bug and grow your own freshest fruit and vegetables too.

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Picking fresh fruit and vegs you have grown yourself is one of those memorable and defining moments in life, and one that often gets people hooked on growing things. Check out the grow your own range and you’ll soon have a favourite new hobby.

They make it easy for you. You can grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, fruit bushes and other fruits and vegetables in a quite easy and little consuming manner. Check their website for great tips…. You will be cooking meals from home grown products in no time!

Great value.  They offer a hand-picked choice of the best plants and seeds around, working with leading UK, Dutch and other European breeders to offer varieties so new that they are only just appearing in supermarket shelves.

Gardening is now possible anywhere. Their dwarf fruit trees are suitable for smaller gardens, as their natural rootstocks keep them short and manageable to grow and harvest. Specially selected to be self fertile, no other trees are needed to pollinate them either.

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Professional-tailored essentials. To help you get the best results for your fruit, vegetables and flowers, they have worked with suppliers of professional products, not usually available to the consumer market. Their composts, fertilizers and water conservation products make your life much easier and give reliable, consistent crops and yields.

Your roses, more dazzling than ever! Although often cited as the UK’s most loved garden flower, the rose has a wrong reputation for being difficult to cultivate. However, by choosing the proven varieties, and thanks to major advances in the breeding of rose bushes over the last decades, they have developed new breeds that are not only repeat-flowering from May onwards but also resistant to the common diseases that used to affect them and produce magnificent fragrances!


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